Certified Clean Facilitators

These people have all trained in Clean Language and Clean Space and have reached the required standard to become Certified Clean Facilitators. The certification criteria are here. To learn more about our Clean Facilitator Programme click here.

Allison Galbraith

Allison is an ILM qualified Leadership Coach and Mentor, as well as a Clean Language facilitator. She is passionate about helping others make the most of their working lives and achieve their full potential. Allison uses Clean Language to help Managers, Business Leaders and their teams perform at their best.


Bev Martin

Bev is the Chief Facilitator of insight and change at her company, inner active. She provides consulting and training for spiritually minded thinkers who want to live their best life, and for patients referred by doctors for managing and overcoming chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and pain conditions. She's been a fan, a client, a dabbler and now a facilitator of Clean Language which she uses to help clients meet their outcomes for health and wellness, and to arrive at new perceptions and awarenesses.


Carolyn Winkler

Carolyn Winkler is a Clean Facilitator, Art Shaman and Creative Spirit Guide living in Portland, Oregon, USA. Her mission is to help people create amazing, authentic, self-empowered lives. She does this through Intuitive Power Painting Workshops and private sessions of Clean Language and Affirmative Innergetics. Her sessions help people develop their metaphors and find the answers they seek. Carolyn works over Skype or in person at her office.


Cathy Foster

Cathy specialises in working with two people with problems. These may be CEOs, Directors or Partners where outcomes for the organisation could be dire. www.businessduocoaching.com  Or with couples who both want to be truly heard while resolving their futures. www.duocoaching.co.uk Cathy is used to dealing with ordinary and extraordinary people under stress, having been an Olympic competitor and elite International sailing coach. She works with Neil Wilkie and operates out of Winchester UK.

Daso Saito

Daso has been researching Mysticism for over 30 years, with a special interest in symbols and metaphors, and working as a family constellation facilitator and hypnotherapist for the last 10 years in Japan. She became interested in Clean Language when she learnt about its use of metaphor, and how it respects people’s thoughts. She says it is the communication tool that she has been looking for. Her website is http://dasosaito.com (in Japanese only), or to contact her on facebook search for 'dasosaito'.

Felicity Dwyer

Felicity Dwyer is a career transition coach. She specialises in working with mid-life professionals who want to change direction, or start a business. Felicity helps her clients find clarity about their ideal career path and next steps. She draws on Clean Language and other compatible approaches. Visit The Heart of Work http://heartofwork.co.uk/

Felicity also works in the field of management development. She is the co-founder of ILM approved centre, Stepping Up, which aims to empower leaders and managers. Felicity is particularly interested in facilitating development for first-line managers, and for managers of volunteers. http://steppinguptraining.co.uk/

Georgena Eggleston

Georgena is a certified Rubenfeld synergist and Psych-k practitioner based in Portland, Oregon. She has recently certified as a Clean Facilitator and intends to incorporate this into her synergy work. She helps people to embody their metaphors as healthy resources to support and protect themselves and to help them move forwards in life. Clients take away from their session an embodied blueprint of their desired outcome.

Gilda Westermann

Gilda Westermann is a successful creative artist in the fields of porcelain and photography. She is an NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, coach and communication specialist. Gilda enjoys working in a business environment helping find creative solutions for business outcomes and modeling excellence. She works with people with dyslexia helping them to find their own solutions and learn new skills for work place success. She is based in the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

Heather Katz

Heather is an executive coach and facilitator based in Oxford. She has integrated Clean into her executive coaching practice, having run many Clean Space sessions with senior level clients, with outcomes that have been illuminating and unexpected for them. Working with Clean Language and Clean Space enables her to focus on her clients'  inner and outer landscapes in a creative and powerful way to enable transformation.


Helen Harrison

Helen has a passion for work being a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience, adding value to people’s lives and organisations’ performance. To achieve this end, she works with organisations and individuals and encourages both to find solutions that work for them. This includes aligning themselves with their strengths and core values so that they can make the best of what/who they are. Clean Language informs her approach.


Helen Young

Helen Ann Young is a children's writer, Dru Yoga student teacher and Clean Language facilitator. She believes that life is meant to be enjoyed. Her passion is to help people find ways to be happy and make the most of their everyday lives - a skill that she brings in from her previous work as an Occupational Therapist. She has found that Clean Language has helped her to find a way to make her own inner changes and her own life happier, and now she is offering Clean Language sessions to help others achieve this too.

For the last few years, Helen has been writing a series of colourful interactive books to inspire parents and children to find out about and enjoy the world they live in. The series starts with Hello to Hellie's World, (Hellies guide to life the universe and all that stuff).

Please contact Helen at helen@helliesworld.com to find out more.

Irina Izotova

Irina is a coach based in Moscow, Russia. She delivers executive, leadership development and cross cultural coaching for business organisations. After gaining Clean Facilitator status in 2012 she has incorporated Clean Language into her coaching, and runs business coaching programmes using a Clean approach and individual and group Clean Transformation coaching sessions.

Jacqueline Ann Surin

Jacqueline has been a Clean Language practitioner since 2012. Apart from being certified as a Level 1 Clean Facilitator, she is also the first certified Level 1 Clean Language Systemic Modeller for group facilitation and organisational coaching in Asia. She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and has been coaching and training individuals and organisations since 2005 in best communication skills.

She is currently Specialist Trainer & Coach for Leadership Development at People Potential where she is leading the development of Clean Language in the Asian region. At People Potential, she also delivers Think on Your Feet®, an acclaimed business presentations skills programme, in both Singapore and Malaysia. She works with leaders in both corporations and non-profits, from junior executives to CEOs, and coaches them to ask the right questions for them to achieve success and well-being in their professional and personal lives. She is based in Malaysia, and has worked in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK.


Jo Wilson

As a Director of Beyond Training Solutions, Jo is a trainer, coach and facilitator enabling effective team working and collaboration within the NHS, commercial organisations, local government and social service charities.The solutions offered through the works she does in Beyond transforms strategy into practical implementation, behavioural change and beyond by taking an ‘inside out’ approach ensuring motivation, passion and belief are taken into the core.

Jo is also an experienced one to one coach specialising in confidence, focus and communication. She believes that people tend to hold themselves back because they have built up a barrier to their own success over time, usually subconsciously (therefore not intentionally) and she is passionate about enabling them to remove those barriers.

Jo Wilson is an experienced coach, NLP Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Clean Language Facilitator.


Jordan Luke Collier

Jordan achieved Clean Facilitator status in 2010 and has been very busy with his new skills. He's currently delivering Clean-based dyslexia training in organisations with Training Attention and personal development and study skills workshops with Future Foundations, as well as translating the Clean Questions into Spanish and Portuguese for his upcoming training programmes across Spain and Latin America. You can contact Jordan at jordanlukecollier@googlemail.com

Junko Akatsu

Junko has an extensive international business career working with corporations throughout the world. She is a bilingual communication expert as a professional interpreter/translator for celebrities and businesses. She finds Clean Language fascinating and a powerful tool to let clients communicate with their deep within. She works with individuals, groups and business organisations, promoting “a pleasant clean communication.” She is from Los Angles, California and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.


Kantu Nishigori

Kantu is from Japan, and now lives in Mallorca, Spain. She has studied many different kinds of bodywork, therapy, yoga and meditation and art over the last 10 years in India, Europe and Japan. She facilitates Japanese facial massage training and Art therapy workshops. She loves to share a supremely healing and deep silence created by meditation in daily life. She also loves to combine this with Clean Language to support people's understanding.


Karrie Shield

In addition to being our Events Coordinator, Karrie is a personal development facilitator, an NLP Master Practitioner and a certified Clean Facilitator and runs our online practice group. She is now training to be a Systemic Modelling Level 1 facilitator. She is passionate about supporting people in their personal development journeys through facilitation and coaching. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and then again in 2012 and 2013, Karrie has a special interest in helping people living with cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy and has been free of disease for five years. She also supported her mother during her diagnosis and treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Lesley Downs

Lesley is a psychotherapeutic counsellor; she has a tranquil beachside practice based in Selsey, West Sussex.  She is an experienced counsellor, having worked for many years with a Chichester based counselling agency and the NHS Time 2 Talk service. Lesley achieved certification as a Clean Language facilitator in 2012; she believes that Clean Language is a great tool for enabling clients to find their own inner resources and unravel their problems. Lesley also uses Clean Language as a coaching tool to facilitate business owners to gain greater clarity and direction in their busy business lives.


Lesley Symons

Lesley has had an extensive business career working for companies such as Selfridges UK, L’Oreal Paris and Estee Lauder. She's worked in the UK, South Africa and Australia. Lesley retrained in psychotherapy and is now an Executive Coach and Group Facilitator where she works with many high profile corporate clients. She's a member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and has a BAppSocSc. Lesley uses Clean Language as a basis to all her work.


Mark Andrews

Mark has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and came to Clean Language through his wife, Sheryl, who is a real clean enthusiast, using it in business and in her personal life. Mark took the training to understand what Sheryl does and to discover this powerful process for himself. He now co-facilitates with Sheryl as well as seeing his own clients for Clean Language sessions.


Michael Oskam

Michael is an organizational psychologist, trainer and management consultant. He lives in the Netherlands where he consults about organizational change, facilitates teams to perform better and develops assessments. He works for commercial (ICT) organisations, healthcare and local government.

In most of his projects, he tries to align goals and perspectives. Therefore Clean Language is one of his most important ‘tools’ in consulting, training and team facilitation. Michael uses Clean in assessments as well.

Michael is a registered organizational psychologist (NIP) and owner of Oskam Organisatieadvies. He is also a certified Clean Facilitator and owner of Clean Language the Netherlands.


Michael Spandel

After graduating with a master’s degree in counseling psychology, Michael worked at the Men’s Resource Center, then the Telecare Recovery Center. While studying with leaders in the fields of NLP, Clean Language and other cutting edge modalities, Michael created the Village Counseling Center in Portland, Oregon. Michael has a passion for working with client-centered tools, leading to generative change. He works with people from all over the United States.


Philippa Williams

Philippa is a nurse and a Nordic Walking Instructor. She mentors student nurses and uses Clean Language to support and help their learning, whilst encouraging them to be responsible for it. As a Nordic Walking Instructor she uses Clean Language to gain information from her clients about how they are learning the process and to help them to reach their goals. Her clients' responses to the clean questions inform her of their learning and where they need to go next.

Sheryl Andrews

Sheryl is a business facilitator, coach and mentor, based in Gosport, Hampshire. She has grown her business to the success it is today by using Clean Language to: design her marketing strategy; build relationships; gain clarity when she’s lost direction. She now uses the same skills to support others in business who want to find clarity, focus and direction in a supportive environment while building valuable and powerful business relationships.


Stuart Clark

Stuart is passionate about the power of Clean Language and uses it in everything he does. He is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Coach and member of The Association of Coaching. Stuart has 25 years business operations, leadership, director and management experience with Footsie 100 companies, SME’s, charities and government organisations.

Stuart is collaborating with Training Attention modelling how groups work and giving them clean strategies for positive change. He coaches those with Neuro Diverse conditions with Genius Within and believes all change must be sustainable.

His current projects include:

  • Delivering sustainable customer relations programme with Dornie Consulting Group.
  • Associate trainer with Dotsytine Consulting Ltd.
  • Coaching those with dyslexia and dyspraxia for Genius Within.
  • Sunday coaching workshops at Fitness First Clapham
  • Qualified career coach and associate with Sprint Careers
  • Collaborating with Training Attention Ltd to deliver peer coaching programmes
  • Training unemployed young adults in London in reading, writing, catering skills


Toshan M. Linden

Toshan integrates Clean into her work with couples, relationships and sexuality. She has been working under the Osho vision for more than 10 years. She works in India, Japan and Europe, and runs sessions in Japanese and English. 

Vince Leahy

Vince is a people and organisational development professional who lectures for the OU Business School and guest lectures at UEA Business School on Coaching and Development. He is based in South East England. Vince integrates Clean into his managed eclectic approach to coaching with individual and institutional clients. He uses Clean with many senior level clients to build awareness through metaphor. This has been transformative and enabling for many of his clients.

Yoriko Matsuda

Yoriko is a Clean Facilitator, hypnotherapist and attorney practicing in Japan where she focuses on the corporate and financial areas. Through her intense working experiences as a lawyer in various professional firms and international financial institutions, she found an increasing need of mental health support for business people who are under constant pressure.

Currently Yoriko provides individual coaching sessions, mainly for people who feel stress in their busy working circumstances, to support them to find a way for their own true wellness. She is impressed to see how strongly and effectively Clean Language works on clients and is keen to explore the possibility of introducing Clean Language in Japan. 

Yuji Yamagami

Yuji is the Chief Management System Consultant at his company, ennovation inc., and is also a certified Lead Quality Auditor. In his management system consultancy, Yuji primarily focuses on interplays between systems and people, so that people and organisation can effectively 'run' such systems. Yuji's next challenge is to use Clean Language in the context of management systems activities, and he is already experiencing great results. His company site is http://www.ennovation.co.jp, or to contact him on facebook search for 'Yuji Yamagami'.

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