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Join a small group of like-minded people to learn Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling from the comfort of your own home. This highly interactive eight week course includes plenty of opportunity for individual attention and high quality feedback.

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What kind of Adventures are 'Adventures in Clean'?

To join the 2016 adventure, click here: https://cleanlearning.co.uk/events/book/1199

Be inspired by Caitlin's TEDx Talk

Watch Caitlin Walker's TEDx talk about how she uses Clean Language with groups.

Upcoming events

Hampshire Clean Practice Group

15 February 2016, 7.30-9.30pm
Portchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
With Marian Way

Northwest Clean Modelling Group

22 February 2016, 7-9pm
West Kirby, Merseyside, United Kingdom
With Shaun Hotchkiss, Alison Blackler

Clean Learning Teleseminar

22 February 2016, 4-5pm GMT
With Marian Way

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From the blog

How Can I Decide Which is the Best Clean Language Course for Me?

Published 30 November, 2015 by Marian Way

Over the years we’ve developed a number of courses that have Clean Language at their core, and now when you click on our Events page, there’s rather a long list… So here are some questions to help you to decide which is the right course of action for you.

Listening & Language Quiz

Published 4 February, 2016 by Marian Way

The second of a set of seven quizzes you can use to test your knowledge of Clean Approaches for Coaches. This second quiz covers Listening & Language.

Slow Learning

Published 4 February, 2016 by Marian Way

An example of ‘slow learning’ occurred during a recent clean coaching session when my client, Nick, had started with an outcome of wanting ‘a vision of my own’ but, despite exploring many avenues, was not coming up with anything he was happy with.

What our customers say

"Now I know I am who I am. I work with the bigger picture which includes the other person’s point of view, everything."
'Discover Your Assertive Self' participant
Discover Your Assertive Self

"Good, practical and clear introduction to Clean Language."
Annelie Green
1-Day Introduction to Clean Language

"Marian's knowledge of Clean is inspiring and her respectful facilitation with her client was incredibly skilful and supportive to him. Impressive pathway to help a client process their own issues."
Joanna Desborough Brown
Clean Learning Teleseminar