Training & Workshops

Get started with clean

1-Hour Clean Language Taster

Get a taste of Clean Language during a friendly online session; we'll demonstrate how it works and answer all your questions.

  • Low-cost 1-hour webinar via Zoom
  • Opportunity for you to be coached

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Tuesday 29th June 2022 9.30-10.30am UK time

Get started with clean

1-Day Introduction to Clean Language

All the basic skills and models you need to get started with one-to-one clean coaching. Go home with tools you can put into practice immediately.

  • 1-day training in a small group
  • Get all your questions answered

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Monday 14 November 2022, 9.00am-4.30pm GMT

Attend special events

A-Z of Clean

A series of 1-hour conversations during which we'll explore key terms used in Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.

  • 1-hour workshop
  • For students of Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space & Emergent Knowledge

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Use clean with groups

Clean For Teams

Gain a personal experience of Systemic Modelling - a new way to learn about yourself and others in groups. Find out how to move away from contempt and towards curiosity and collaboration.

  • 2 days or 4 x 3.5-hour sessions
  • Entry level workshop
  • Pre-requisite for our Systemic Modelling Rolling Programme

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Monday to Thursday, 6, 7, 8 and 9 June 2022, 1pm to 4:30pm BST

Use clean with groups

Systemic Modelling Rolling Programme (Foundation & Professional)

Gain a complete framework and an abundant toolbox for encouraging teams to move from contempt towards curiosity and collaboration.

  • Learn how to use clean with groups
  • Rolling programme with ongoing modules (each is 3 days or 5 shorter sessions)
  • Leads to Foundation and then Professional Level certifications
  • Clean for Teams is a pre-requisite

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Monday 11 - Friday 15 July 2022, 08:30am-12 noon BST

Use clean with individuals

Clean Language: Core Skills

Learn Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling. Gain a complete structure for uncovering your clients' metaphors and helping them make deep and lasting changes.

  • When online, a 12-webinar series
  • When live, a 6-day training (2 x 3-day modules)
  • Beginners welcome
  • Pre-requisite for Fine Tuning
  • First step towards Certified Clean Facilitator

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Use clean with individuals

Symbolic Modelling: Fine Tuning Your Skills

Hone your skills with practice, feedback and targeted tuition. Learn from the nuances that arise within individual sessions.

  • Rolling programme with ongoing modules (each is 3 days or 5 shorter sessions)
  • Work towards Clean Facilitator Level 1
  • Available live or online
  • Core Skills is a pre-requisite

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Use clean with individuals

Clean Space

Discover how different spaces can provoke different kinds of thinking and creativity and how 'space' can become your co-facilitator.

  • 2 days or 3 shorter sessions
  • Get started with clean
  • Part of Clean Facilitator Level 1

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Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14 September 2022, 10am to 5:30pm BST each day

Gain a qualification

Clean Coach Certification Programme (ICF ACSTH) 

Train to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Discussion with a trainer to identify if this is the right training for you
  • 18 online sessions via Zoom
  • 62 approved coach specific training hours (ACSTH)
  • For those wishing to complement their professional careers with coaching skills, those planning to set up in private coaching practice and for internal company coaches who wish to develop their competence
  • Includes feedback from experienced clean coaches who are already ICF accredited

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Use Clean with Individuals
Clean Interviewing

Basic Clean Interviewing Skills

Learn the basics of this versatile skill that can be used with individuals and groups in any context where you want to obtain high quality information without influencing people’s responses.

  • 6 x 2-hour online sessions with practice between
  • For use in recruiting, marketing, sales and research
  • Training in Clean Language is a prerequisite

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Use clean with individuals

Inner Child Workshop

Learn a versatile skill that can be used with individuals and groups in any context where you want to obtain high quality information without influencing people’s responses.

  • 1-hour set-up webinar, followed a week later by a 3-day workshop
  • Limited to 9 attendees
  • Attend primarily as a client or primarily as a learner

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Use clean with individuals
Inside Clean 4


Online workshops that go 'behind-the-scenes' into the minds of experienced practitioners who reveal their thinking on different aspects of clean facilitation.

  • 4 online workshops throughout 2022
  • Use clean with individuals
  • For anyone who uses clean questions to develop metaphors and who knows the PRO Model
  • With Penny Tompkins, James Lawley & Marian Way
  • Series 1, 2 and 3 also available

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Mondays 7 March, 9 May, 5 September and 7 November, all at 7pm to 8:30pm, UK time

Get Personal Development
Living with your end in mind

Living with your end in mind

A safe, curious and respectful space to consider your death, your ideas around death, plans and wishes and the life you'd like to have between now and then. Six sessions of facilitated group discussion, peer learning, insight and inspiration.

  • Thinking about your own death, death is like what?
  • Planning now for the kind of death you'd like
  • Living the life you'd like, with your end in mind

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Wednesdays 4, 11, 18, 25 January and 1, 8 February 2023, 1pm to 2:30pm

Get Personal Development

Planning for Your Best Possible Retirement

A six-week programme on the theme of retirement. Join us to consider what this means to you, what your retirement could be like and what support or resources you might need in order to retire well. Facilitated group discussion with peer learning, insight and inspiration.

  • Retirement for you is like what?
  • What are some patterns you have around work and retirement? 
  • Who might you be when you aren’t working?
  • Create a retirement plan

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Get Personal Development

Living Purposefully

Join a small group to explore the theme of purpose in your life. What is it? How can you know your life purpose - and how can you be more aligned with it. A six-week programme and a safe space to explore important life themes.

  • Develop your own metaphor for your purpose
  • What stops you from living with purpose?
  • What support or resources do you need in order to live more purposefully?

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Get Personal Development

Learning a Language at your best

Join a small group for this six-week programme to uncover your best language learning strategies as well as your obstacles. Find out what works for you and gain tips and tricks from others that you can incorporate into your own learning.

  • Where are you in your language-learning journey?
  • Learning a language for you, so far, has been like what?
  • How can you integrate language learning into your everyday life?

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Get Personal Development

Creating #DramaFree Conversations

An exciting, interactive opportunity to explore what happens when you're not getting what you want - and to learn new tools for reducing unnecessary conflict in your life.

  • Six-week programme
  • Online via Zoom
  • Free copy of "So you want to be... #DramaFree"

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Thursdays 15, 22 Sep and 13 Oct 2022 9am to 12pm BST

Get Personal Development

Where Does Good Sleep Come From?

A safe, fun and respectful space to think about sleep and what impacts the quality of your sleep, whilst being curious about and learning from what works for others.

  • A "Structures for Living" 6-week programme
  • Sleep for you is like what?
  • A good environment for sleeping well is like what?
  • New themes and ideas will emerge from the group's explorations

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Special event

Adventures in Clean

A multi-level clean experience, with six of the world’s leading clean practitioners. Work on your own personal development or focus on learning more about clean modelling - a fantastic Clean Learning opportunity.

  • 3-day event (spread over 4 days)
  • Gain personal and professional development
  • Beginners & experienced practitioners welcome

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Special event

Northern Taste of Clean

A spicy mix of clean-oriented research, business, music, modelling and learning. Presenters and participants stimulate one another's thinking and together create a fun, brain-nourishing 2 days. 

  • Weekend event
  • Gain personal and professional development
  • Get started with clean
  • Everyone welcome

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Gain a qualification

Clean Facilitator Programme

Learn at your own pace to become a skilled and certified Clean Facilitator.

  • Attend Core Skills, Clean Space & Fine Tuning
  • Assessment takes place during Fine Tuning
  • Use clean 1-2-1

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Always available

Use clean with groups

Inside Story for Systemic Modelling Trainees

A series of four 90-minute webinars following a consultancy process from start to finish, to learn and develop systemic modelling and clean interviewing skills.

  • A series of four 90-minute webinars
  • Use clean with groups
  • Following a live project happening 'in the wild'

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