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Insights in Space

Price: £20.00

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Clean Approaches for Coaches

Marian Way's book about creating the conditions for change within a coaching session, using Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling.

Price: £20.00

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From Contempt to Curiosity

Caitlin Walker's new book about using Clean Language and Systemic Modelling to encourage the conditions for collaboration.

Price: £16.00

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An Introduction to Clean Space

A DVD showing a 2-day workshop which introduces Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.

Price: £15.00 (£18.00 inc VAT)

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Clean in a Box: Box 1

The key to success with Clean Language is practice. And now you can practice with these beautifully-designed cards… Clean in a Box 1 consists of 54 cards with 12 activity cards with ideas for practising various aspects of Clean Language and 34 question cards you can use for these and other activities. When you buy a pack of cards you will also receive a .pdf with more detailed guidelines for the activities. The activities were designed by Caitlin Walker, Dee Berridge and Marian Way.

Price: £16.50 (£19.80 inc VAT)

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Clean in a Box: Box 2

Clean in a Box 2 contains 26 cards featuring models from Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Systemic Modelling.

Price: £13.75 (£16.50 inc VAT)

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Clean in a Box: Buy Both Together

Buy both Boxes together and save £3.60

Price: £27.25 (£32.70 inc VAT)

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Learning Journeys CD-ROM

This unique training tool is inspirational and a great opportunity to observe Clean Questions in a real interview context.

Price: £12.00 (£14.40 inc VAT)

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