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Pascal Clarkson

Pascal Clarkson

Pascal has a bachelor degree in computer science. After working as a software engineer for many years and having 8+ years of practical experience with the Scrum Framework, he decided to shift his attention towards group/team facilitation and coaching.

He has trained with Caitlin Walker and Marian Way to achieve the certified professional level in Systemic Modelling facilitation and a basic level of Clean Language Interviewing. He has completed basic Symbolic Modelling training with Michael Oskam in Dutch.

Currently living in the Netherlands, where he is very active in the Clean Community and co-organises a yearly Clean Language Event. It is his mission to spread the ideas and practices of Clean Language as much as possible, as he believes these to be of great value.

As a huge fan of board games, gamification, using play for both work and learning and owning 150+ games, you can be confident he is up for a friendly game when time allows.