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As the number of skilled Systemic Modelling facilitators grows and the range of applications expands, we'd like to offer opportunities for professional supervision. 

While supervision within this field is currently voluntary, we highly recommend that active clean coaches, systemic modellers, trainers and those running practice groups engage in formal supervision. 

During supervision, you'll have opportunities to:

  • Plan for your upcoming projects.
  • Unpack issues from your current projects.
  • Gain experience with other people who are taking this work out into the wild.
  • Begin to form strong peer supervision groups and develop partnerships for co-delivery.

What is discussed in supervision is confidential and in a group context you will be asked to agree that everything you hear will remain confidential.

We can offer 1:1 supervision at £200 + VAT for 90 minutes and group supervision opportunities can be found here: https://cleanlearning.co.uk/courses/detail/supervision-group

NB. This supervision is intended for professional development. If you should uncover personal or emotional barriers we will recommend 1-2-1 coaching or therapy.

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