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Both Marian & Caitlin are sought after speakers for conferences, away-days, discussion panels, masterclasses, corporate events and schools. They have experience of speaking on a wide range of Clean Language applications, including:

  • #DramaFree Conversations with children or adults with learning difficulties
  • How to create an anti-fragile culture in relation to diversity and inclusion
  • Uncovering key motivators within your workforce
  • Clean Interviewing (e.g. for lawyers, police, academics)
  • Developing a language of inquiry for promoting collective trust
  • Responsive training
  • Developing collective trust during difficult times
  • Creating a leaderful organisation
  • Building self-esteem using Clean Language tools

Marian and Caitlin both work internationally and will involve, inform and inspire your audience, leaving a lasting impact. Every speech, presentation or class is bespoke and designed to address specific challenges.

To discuss your needs, please call 023 9221 5355 or complete the form below.

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