Clean Language: It’s effective, it’s efficient and it’s gentle.

Susan Liesemer

This great video was created by my friend Bev Martin, who hosts our trainings in Portland, Oregon. Bev recently interviewed one of last year's Clean Language: Core Skills participants, Susan Liesemer. Susan is a therapist and healer who uses massage, NLP and hypnotherapy - and now Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling - to work with her clients. 

Bev and Susan discuss what Clean Language has brought to Susan's work and the difference it has made. You'll hear how Susan prepares herself before a session, how she helped one client to live without the anxiety and rage that had been present all her life and how she uses it to aid her own healing process, too. They also discuss how with Clean Language it's possible to be present and in-the-moment AND almost invisible.

Some soundbites from the video...

It shifts what I'm doing.
It's effective, it's efficient and it's gentle.
It gives me a way to start every session and then other processes can come in - and it gives me a way to develop what comes up.
I couldn't do what I do without Clean Language.
Anyone that's in the field of healing has the intention to work with the technique that is most effective - and frankly, I have found this work to be the most effective.
I know it works for me and I know it works for my clients.
You want to do the thing that's going to get to the core and Clean Language gets to the core.
It's really effective work and it's really simple - and sometimes the best stuff is. The application needs some finesse and there's always an art in what we do, but the questions themselves are open and simple and guide people's minds where their minds need to go in order for them to be able to see what they need to see in order for them to resolve what they need to resolve - who wouldn't want that!?
Clean Language integrates the rest of the work that I do seamlessly. It's a process in itself and it deepens and assists other processes I do exponentially.
It's exciting work to do and it's exciting work to receive. For anyone who has struggled with something for a long time and has tried lots of things it's this gift of - there's a way to heal the psyche. There's hope.

If you are in Portland and struggling with anxiety, trauma, inner conflict or pain, you can contact Susan on 503-828-2073 or via her website. If you would like to learn how to use Clean Language in your practice, come and join us in Portland for Clean Language: Core Skills.

Bev Martin chats with Susan Liesemer about how she uses Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling in her work as a therapist and healer.

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