Clean Language: It’s effective, it’s efficient and it’s gentle.

10 January, 2016 by Marian Way

This great video was created by my friend Bev Martin, who hosts our trainings in Portland, Oregon. Bev recently interviewed one of last year's Clean Language: Core Skills participants, Susan Liesemer. Susan is a therapist and healer who uses massage, NLP and hypnotherapy - and now Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling - to work with her clients. 

My Clean Adventure; Floating Down The River

25 June, 2015 by Cathy Foster

When I first heard about Adventures in Clean way back in January I had an urge to attend. I have a number of health issues and done a lot of work on them but it had become very hard and I had lost inspiration. Then, about a month before the weekend, someone had posted a link to an article of Penny and James’s about metaphors for healing on Facebook. I remember reading it and thinking, “I really want one of those. I want an all-encompassing metaphor, that’s not just about what’s happening now.”

Weight Loss: If at First You Don’t Succeed…

5 August, 2011 by Charlotte

…do you try again, or give up? There are plenty of stories about how one or two Clean Language sessions radically changed someone’s life. And what about all the sessions that gave someone a fantastic insight or two, but which did not result in the desired behavioural change?

Bursts: The Hidden Pattern Behind Everything We Do

11 August, 2010 by Marian Way

Review of Albert-Laszlo Barabasi's latest book which looks at how predictable we are...

Clean Remedy for Toothache

26 August, 2009 by Marian Way

How Jane attended our Clean Language practice group for the first time - and went home with her toothache cured.

Metaphors for Aches and Pains

20 July, 2009 by Marian Way

The topic for the main part of the Practice Group meeting was physical symptoms, and what difference it could make to pay attention to them using metaphor and Clean Language.

Headless Chicken Gets to See the Big Picture

18 May, 2006 by Marian Way

Have you ever felt you were behaving like a headless chicken, or as though you were under a big black cloud; have you suffered from jangling nerves or painful tension in your neck and shoulders?

Healing a Physical Symptom at Long Distance

31 December, 2004 by Marian Way

How Judy Yero healed her wrist using email coaching from Marian.
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