Clean Poetry

24 September, 2015 by Marian Way

How can you use Clean Language to help children to appreciate poetry and to write their own poems? This was the question Assistant Headteacher Amanda Maney asked herself when she first came across Clean Language. Read about what happened...

Once upon a time…..  Metaphor, Myth and Clean Language

20 November, 2014 by Sue Charman

A look at the powerful connection between storytelling and Clean Language by professional storyteller and Clean Learning associate, Sue Charman.

The Northern Taste of Clean: 2014 Highlights

23 April, 2014 by David Brown

This was my first Northern Taste of Clean experience. Caitlin Walker and Shaun Hotchkiss hosted the event, and hospitality is something they do wonderfully well. I was expecting an interesting, perhaps challenging experience, maybe a way to develop useful skills.

10 Things You Can Do on Your Own to Improve Your Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling Skills

19 October, 2013 by Sue Charman

I live in the middle of the countryside in Devon. As yet, there is not a huge Clean Language presence in Devon, so I was discussing with Marian Way how to hone my skills alone. 

A Simple Guide to Meditation

19 October, 2013 by Sue Charman

A simple meditation involves being comfortably seated in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Closing your eyes, or concentrating on a flame, and allowing your eyes to focus softly and inwardly, bring a kind and gentle awareness to each area of your body to relax it. 

Clean Language is like… Origami

22 November, 2011 by Sharon Small

Metaphor is to the human mind what folding is to science.

Everything is made of folds - the earth, our DNA, illness and health in the folding and unfolding of protein molecules, the human brain, our clothes, the folding and unfolding of our memories, 

‘Tinkering’ With Clean Language

21 March, 2010 by Marian Way

Jewels Carter runs a devised drama group at which meets on a project-by-project basis at The Art House in Southampton. They aim to to perform twice a year, and to give everyone a flavour of the whole creative process, regardless of ability.

Designing a Clean Workshop

3 September, 2009 by Marian Way

How can we create a workshop that's 'clean' (i.e. attempts to not give people our models, theories, ideas, suggestions, advice and metaphors but instead creates experiences that enable them to learn from themselves and others) AND which has a distinct topic?

Getting Creative with Clean

11 May, 2009 by Marian Way

Our topic this month was Creativity, and we started the meeting by asking "What is Creativity?" Responses included: putting things together that haven't been put together in that way before; non-linear, not obvious...

Creativity is Change

17 February, 2007 by Marian Way

Musing about creativity and wondering what it might be, since it is not a thing, it occurred to me that there are aspects of the creative process that are similar to the process of change in general.