How are you using your Clean Language skills?

7 February, 2019 by Cheryl Winter

One of our students, Sharon Goldie, joined our Clean Language: Core Skills training for a second time after a three-year gap - and we wondered what she had been up to in between – how had she been using her Clean Language skills?

Reflection in Education

9 January, 2016 by Marian Way

Within Teacher Education, a key issue is helping students to understand how to reflect, what to reflect on and when to engage in the process that leads to high quality reflection and learning. Systemic Modelling and clean questions are tools that give student teachers the ‘how’ of reflection. Find out how they were used to improve results at Liverpool John Moores University.

Clean Poetry

24 September, 2015 by Marian Way

How can you use Clean Language to help children to appreciate poetry and to write their own poems? This was the question Assistant Headteacher Amanda Maney asked herself when she first came across Clean Language. Read about what happened...

Learning Clean Language: What are the Threshold Concepts?

26 June, 2015 by Marian Way

The idea that learning a new subject involves grappling with a number of “Threshold Concepts” arose in the world of Higher Education in 2003 when researchers Ray Meyer and Jan Land were investigating ways to enhance learning… 

Clean Questions and Deep Learning

27 November, 2014 by Marian Way

"I love this exercise because it really stretches your brain and I love using my imagination because it's my world. I want to do this again!" This is what one child wrote after experiencing the "5 senses" exercise, which uses clean questions to help people to learn about themselves and each other. Read on to learn more about our new primary school project...

The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing, Genius and Autism

10 May, 2014 by Marian Way

A truly remarkable account of a mother's determination to do whatever it took for her autistic son to be at his best… and how this relates to clean.

The Northern Taste of Clean: 2014 Highlights

23 April, 2014 by David Brown

This was my first Northern Taste of Clean experience. Caitlin Walker and Shaun Hotchkiss hosted the event, and hospitality is something they do wonderfully well. I was expecting an interesting, perhaps challenging experience, maybe a way to develop useful skills.

A New Way of Learning Scales and Arpeggios.

14 August, 2013 by Ruth Huckle

A year ago, I discovered Clean Language and have just completed the Clean Facilitator Programme with Marian Way. As a classroom/instrumental music teacher, I wondered how I could use a clean approach to motivate students to take more responsibility for the learning and practice of scales.

Listening: Book Recommendations

2 March, 2013 by Marian Way

If you want to do some background reading on the topic of 'Listening", here are a few books I recommend whole-heartedly:

Clean Language: It Really Works!

10 January, 2013 by Marian Way

A training participant has been testing Clean Language in various ways at work and with his family. His daughter Reina, 14, had been struggling with maths, so Yuji asked her some clean questions.

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