Practice Group

Meet the Team: Christoffer de Graal

25 April, 2017 by Louise Hockaday

Clean Learning Associate, Christoffer de Graal talks about his passion for sound and music, and his plans for building a Clean Language community in Bristol.

Chalk and Cheese

9 March, 2017 by Sue Charman

How one member of the Online Practice Group resolved a tricky bind during a 2-hour practice session.

How to Find a Practice Buddy

12 January, 2017 by Marian Way

Some ways you can meet and practice with others who are interested in Clean Language.

Practice May Not Make Perfect But Can Definitely Improve Skills

24 October, 2016 by Louise Hockaday

In a recent Clean Language: Core skills training event, Marian Way told us we needed to do our 'due diligence' to improve in Clean Language. 'Due diligence' is a term often used by David Grove which meant: do lots of practice, get feedback and learn from it.

Four Questions for One-Minute Motivation

26 March, 2016 by Sue Charman

At the March 2016 South-West Online Practice Group, we decided to practise “One Minute Motivation”. We were aware of this as a simple and efficient Clean Language tool for helping someone to get motivated to take action...

Where Do You Start?

19 June, 2012 by Marian Way

Several years ago I was talking with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley about creating workshop activities, when one of them said that there are only four possible starting points for any ‘change’ activity.

Pointing: “The Metaphor We Have Been looking For”

26 March, 2012 by Marian Way

James Lawley ran a practice group on the topic of ‘Pointing’. What had piqued his interest was a book called Michelangelo's Finger, by Raymond Tallis. James said that at last he had a way of explaining the perspective we take during a Symbolic Modelling session.

As or When?

19 October, 2011 by Marian Way

At our practice group meeting on Monday we focussed on the syntax of Clean Language and in particular, the use of 'as' and 'when'.

Just Three Questions - and Similar Rules

25 July, 2011 by Marian Way

This month's practice group was based on an idea from James Lawley: "Often the bigger the constraint the more learning, e.g. see how long you can keep going using just one of the Clean Language questions."

Objects as Symbols

21 April, 2011 by Marian Way

Following on from Clean Constellations last month, we decided to experiment with similar process, using objects (e.g. Lego bricks, Russian dolls, coins, stones) rather than people as representatives. Of course it then becomes a different process, but has the advantage that instead of needing a whole group of people to cooperate, it is possible to work 1-2-1.