Clean Language Questions: Abbreviations

Clean Language Questions

When I am taking notes during a client session, I find it useful to write my questions as well as the client's responses. This helps me to keep track of the client's logic. But writing the questions out in full takes too long, so I use the following abbreviations:

  • AE? : Is there anything else about ... ?          
  • WKO? : What kind of … is that...?      
  • Wh? : Where / Whereabouts? 
  • S/S? : Does … have a size or a shape?  
  • TLW? : That’s … like what?  
  • TWH? : Then what happens? 
  • WHN? : What happens next? 
  • WCF? : Where does / could … come from?  
  • WH2? : When… what happens to … ?  
  • R? : Is there a relationship between … and … ? 
  • HM? : How many … ?  
  • I/O? : Is that on the inside or outside?  
  • WWYLTHH? : What would you like to have happen? 
  • WNTH? : What needs to happen for …?  
  • HK? : How do you know ... ?

All pretty self-explanatory really!

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Clean Language Questions: Abbreviations


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