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Inner Child Workshop

One of the original reasons David Grove and Cei Davies Linn developed Clean Language was to work with someone’s inner child in a way that was respectful and which also made sense to that part of a person’s psyche.

You can attend this workshop primarily as a client – i.e. your main reason for attending is to experience the therapy process for yourself. Or you can join in primarily as someone who wants how to learn how to do this work and who is happy to observe us working with others. 

Everyone will do an initial session and then we will work more deeply and demonstrate the whole process with those who have opted to be clients. There will be many opportunities for questions and answers as we go along. For online workshops there will be a 1-hour ‘set up’ webinar for everyone a week before the workshop starts.

This is an opportunity to learn about:

  • The clues to the presence of an inner child
  • How to change your speed and tonality when asking questions of an inner child
  • How to keep track of time and sequence
  • Identifying ‘T-1’ and pristine nouns
  • Discovering and developing redemptive metaphors
  • Integrating healing
  • Creating ecology checks

NB The inner child process is ‘deep’ and a 2 or 3-day workshop will not equip you to run it safely unless you already have a strong foundation in Symbolic Modelling (Clean Facilitator Level 1) or are a qualified coach or therapist. You must have supervision in place and make a robust contract with your client.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a simple set of questions developed by counselling psychologist David Grove. These questions are used with a person’s own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience. Asking these questions in the right context often results in an interesting new insight or the recognition of some new possibility. And if that new possibility is then questioned using Clean Language, the result can be quite profound. Clean questions invite people to consider their experience from different perspectives and they are often surprised by their own capacity to generate new, powerful and useful ideas about their own experience.

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Upcoming events

Inner Child Workshop

  • Places available
  • Wednesday 05 March, 10am to Saturday 08 March, 12:30pm, GMT
  • Online via Zoom
  • With Caitlin Walker PhD , Marian Way

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