Structures for Living

“Structures for Living” is an idea that has grown out of the process that Caitlin Walker has used for developing Systemic Modelling projects in different organisations over many years - and now we use it to develop our own short programmes on different themes, which tend to run over six weeks for 90 minutes a week.

Each programme has been designed and delivered by facilitators who are highly skilled in Systemic Modelling and/or have a special expertise in the topic. You will be facilitated to discover your own models for how you currently think about the theme, exploring a different aspect each week, with space for the group to develop new ideas of significance for them. We expect participants to learn about themselves, to gain from being part of a group where in-depth exploration is happening and to leave with new ideas, new actions and a new network of like-minded people.

As we go along, we'll be developing further programmes, so if you're interested in a topic that's not yet featured, do let us know.

Structures for Living

Creating #DramaFree Conversations

An exciting, interactive opportunity to explore what happens when you're not getting what you want - and to learn new tools for reducing unnecessary conflict in your life.

  • 3-session programme online via Zoom (3.5 hours per session)
  • Free .pdf copy of "So you want to be... #DramaFree"
  • This programme is worth 6 ICF CCEs (4 x Core Competencies, 2 x Resource Development)

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We don’t have any events listed at the moment. Please check back later, or get in touch and tell us what you would like to have happen.

Structures for Living

Making it Safe

A space for women to come together and be inspired by stories and strategies of how to make it safe when there is unwanted sexual attention. Six 1.5 hour sessions, which are customisable if needed, of facilitated group discussion and peer support, resulting in insights and inspiration.

  • What signals let you know when you’re not safe?
  • When feeling unsafe, what behaviours or actions make it safe for you?
  • What kind of stories inspire you to make it safe for yourself and for others?

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Available dates

We don’t have any events listed at the moment. We will run this programme once we have six or more interested people.

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