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Using Meetup to Build Community

Podcast with Community Consultant Katie Raver, who uses "MeetUp" to help people to build different kinds of communities in her city, Austin, and other places in the USA. Katie talks about how she got started with MeetUp and the thriving NLP community she has helped build. 

#3 Access Your Genius Within

Clean Ambassadors podcast with Nancy Doyle, a chartered psychologist who has just launched a new service for people with dyslexia. Called 'Genius Within' it offers a range of services, from a free web-based test that lets you see whether you have dyslexic tendencies, up to a full assessment process with coaching to help you work out what works for you in the workplace. During the podcast Nancy explains how Clean Language has informed her work and how she utilises it in the videos and in the coaching.

# 2 Listening to Each Other

In this 2nd edition of the Clean Learning Pocast, I'm joined by NLP Trainer, Coach, Certified Clean Facilitator and Intuition expert, Bev Martin. Bev lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA and four years ago she asked if I would run a Clean Language training there. I took up the challenge and have been back every year since. 

#1 A Good Clean Laugh

In this first episode of the Clean Learning Podcast, listen to an interview with laughter coach, Lisa Sturge. She describes what attracted her to Clean Language and how she uses it in her coaching, her business and with her family.

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