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Clean Language: Core Skills

Take 6 days to learn a complete framework for motivating yourself and others to make deep and lasting changes. Learn how to uncover metaphors and patterns that are beneath the surface. This course is available all around the country and in the USA.

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Less is More in Business

Last year my business, Genius Within, was growing and I had more and more associates working for us, delivering to a wide range of clients. I was delivering face-to-face services as well as managing the business and I was very busy, to the extent where I completely forgot a key meeting. I realised I needed to take some time to reflect, and to learn from this mistake. 

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

Welcome to Diana and Stuart!

This month we used a Practice Group activity Penny Tompkins posted on the Clean Forum a few years ago: 'Flexibility with the Number of Questions Asked Per Minute'. (Thanks, Penny!) And with three rounds and each one taking about half an hour, we knew we'd have get started early on in the evening. So there was little time for chat before we launched into 'Speeding Up and Slowing Down'.

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