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Winning New Business with Clean Scoping

How can you use Clean Language to help a business client to clarify what they want and to determine whether what you have to offer is a good fit for them? Jacqueline Surin explores how Clean Scoping works for her.

How to Handle Difficult Conversations using the Karma Cycle

I was reading a recent article on the ILM website about how managers can deal with difficult conversations at work, when I came across this paragraph about how to deal with issues of poor performance: “The conversations that you have with the individual must be related to the behaviour of the individual and not the personal characteristics of the individual...

What impact has Clean Language had on you / your life?

I am preparing to run a workshop at my Toastmasters group about planning to make an impact. I have lots of ideas about how to create an impactful speech, but my initial planning involves doing some research into the kinds of speeches that have alreadyhad an impact. 

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