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Clean Space for Individuals

Clean Space for Individuals and Groups

An investigation into the physical and perceived space around us and how we use it to make sense of our world.

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Finding your creative place with Clean Space

Where is your creative place? Do you have one? How can you find it?

Navigating Space for Creativity

Jacqueline Ann Surin reviews "Insights in Space" and the Clean Space workshop she attended this summer and discusses how coaches and facilitators can utilise space to help their coachees solve problems, generate ideas and spark creativity.

A Collection of Quotes from “Insights in Space”

Here are all the quotes James Lawley and I have used in our new book, "Insights in Space".

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Where Good Ideas Come From: The Seven Patterns of Innovation

Steven Johnson

This book identifies key principles that are the driving force of creativity. From the Renaissance to satellites, medical breakthroughs to social media, Charles Darwin to Marconi, Steven Johnson shows how, by recognising where and how patterns of creativity occur, we can all discover the secrets of inspiration.

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