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1-Day Introduction to Clowning

This event has been requested by some of our Systemic Modelling students who are interested in learning more about being in-the-moment as group facilitators and trainers - and it's open to anyone. Join us for a day of serious fun and discover your own inner clown.

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Clean and Clowning

What does Clean Language have in common with clowning? And how can clowning morph into Clean Space. Read Marian's account of an improv session during a clowning course and the links she made with 'clean'.

When 20 and 20 add up to 6:40

A few weeks ago, I read an article in my Toastmasters Magazine about a new presentation style that has been described as 'an antidote to bad PowerPoint'. Called Pecha Kucha (Japanese for ‘chit chat’) it’s a way of putting together and delivering a more dynamic presentation.

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