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Systemic Modelling™: Level 1 Assessment

An optional 3-day assessment of your Systemic Modelling skills, with live in-the-moment feedback.

Clean Facilitator Programme: Assessment and Certification

Practise and refine your skills, clarify your strengths as a facilitator and work towards certification as a Clean Facilitator.

Clean Facilitator Programme

Learn at your own pace to become a skilled and certified Clean Facilitator.

Clean in Business

A tiered training for teams who want to be able to apply Clean Language and Systemic Modelling between themselves and across their organisation.

Systemic Modeling - Level 1 Assessment Day

An opportunity for those who have attended the Systemic Modelling Level 1 training to gain valuable supervised practice and feedback. Or you can attend as a group participant.

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Slow Learning

An example of ‘slow learning’ occurred during a recent clean coaching session when my client, Nick, had started with an outcome of wanting ‘a vision of my own’ but, despite exploring many avenues, was not coming up with anything he was happy with.

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