So you want to be… #DramaFree

Caitlin and Marian's new book: an interactive journal to help you reduce unnecessary conflict in your life. Includes 24 skills, tools and strategies, clean questions and tried-and-tested exercises designed to change the way you think about and react to the drama situations you find yourself in. A personal journey to create a calmer, more stress free life.

Take a few minutes a day over a few months to learn all the #DramaFree skills you need:

  • Detecting drama in yourself and others
  • Distinguishing between the drama roles of persecutor, victim and rescuer
  • Acknowledging what triggers drama in you
  • Understanding different brain states
  • Exploring and managing your negative states
  • Reviewing the narratives and stories that keep you stuck
  • Paying attention in the moment
  • Asking questions to uncover meaning
  • Spotting drama metaphors
  • Keeping assumptions out of your questions
  • Creating your own learning metaphor
  • Understanding your own timescape
  • Uncovering your own hidden architecture
  • Giving evidence-based feedback
  • Setting intentions for what you would like to have happen
  • Setting yourself tasks you’re motivated to achieve
  • Shifting from problem to outcome thinking
  • Separating issues into different logical levels
  • Understanding your own values
  • Getting yourself into a good state at will
  • Keeping yourself well
  • Creating your own motivation and inspiration
  • Building, maintaining and repairing relationships
  • Taking on someone else’s perspective

Price: £17.50


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