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Clean in a Box: Box 2


(£21.6 inc VAT)


Since Brexit, we have experienced difficulties with sending items to the EU, with several parcels having been returned to us as ‘unclaimed’. For this reason, we are no longer delivering to the EU, so please do not order from us. Please try Amazon or other book merchant instead. Apologies for the inconvenience. We can still post to the UK and other countries outside the EU.

The models:

  • Starting a Clean Session
  • Change Cycle
  • Clean Set Up
  • Clean Feedback
  • Developmental tasks
  • Flower Model
  • Systemic Modelling questions
  • Five senses
  • Triune brain
  • Symbolic Modelling
  • 3-part syntax
  • PRO Model
  • Problem
  • Proposed remedy
  • Desired outcome
  • Drama triangle
  • Karma triangle
  • Target model
  • Developing attributes
  • Developing location
  • Relating over space
  • Relating across time
  • Intention questions
  • Additional clean questions
  • One minute motivation
  • Abbreviations