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Systemic Modelling Rolling Programme

Monday 04 to Friday 08 December 2023, 2pm to 6pm GMT each day

Price: £600.00 (£720 inc VAT)

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Buy four Rolling Programme modules and save £400

Buy eight Rolling Programme modules and save £1600


Once you have experienced Systemic Modelling as a participant (on our Clean For Teams workshop, on or Clean Agile Systems Coaching or equivalent), you can join in with the Systemic Modelling rolling programme. This will give you a complete framework and an abundant toolbox for encouraging teams to move from contempt towards curiosity and collaboration. And we use the process to teach the process so you will be experiencing multi-level and collaborative learning at its best.

Regular in-depth and intensive training will enable you to develop competency in applying the principles that underpin Systemic Modelling. You will learn how to use clean questions and metaphor models to support a group to better understand one another and to develop the skills and capability they need to collaborate meaningfully.

You may join in one module (usually 3 days or 5 x 3.5 hours) at a time, or commit to attending four or eight modules (with a price reduction). Joining in on a long-term basis will enable you to explore the process more deeply, including the philosophy behind it and the skills required to deliver it well. There’ll be skill-building exercises to stretch your attention and to develop your confidence and in-the-moment coaching to ensure you’re competent in the process. You’ll be delivering group processes live to fellow participants and you’ll be offering and receiving feedback from trainers and peers. Between modules, you’ll be expected to find groups of your own to practice with. This programme is fun, full-on and focused.

The models and skills that make up Systemic Modelling include: clean questions; developing personal metaphors; group modelling; becoming #DramaFree; pattern detection; tracking patterns in the group dynamic; developing your personal modelling state. There’ll also be plenty of opportunity for discussion about applications and how you’ll put your learning into action.

There is a continuous assessment process, with a number of assignments that will require you to collect and act on feedback from the trainer, your fellow participants and any other recipients of your skills. You can start this process whenever you wish and when we are confident in your ability to develop a network of attention within a group you will gain your Systemic Modelling Foundation Certificate. And once you are also able to deliver all the models consistently and effectively you will be awarded your Systemic Modelling Professional Certificate.

Your trainer(s)


Caitlin Walker PhD


Caitlin is the developer of Systemic Modelling and author of From Contempt to Curiosity. She is equally at home sharing her ideas with large audiences, facilitating change in small groups and doing deep one-to-one therapy.


Shaun Hotchkiss


Shaun is a facilitator of groups and organisations. He has a strong, calm energy for managing drama and conflict. He is also a highly skilled UKCP psychotherapist, and the world's most experienced "Whirly Gig" facilitator.


Online via Zoom


This course was highly enjoyable and I took away a bunch of tools and techniques to support the work I do as a systems coach. The trainer was really flexible through the programme working hard to meet the needs of everyone. The course was made doubly enjoyable by the very relaxed atmosphere.

Louise Yates

This course has given me fabulous strategies and the confidence to help teams be more effective. Systemic Modelling enables teams to get to the real issues of why they aren't working as well and to create their own solutions. A must for facilitators, coaches and trainers working with teams.

Denise Chilton, Coach

Systemic Modelling has been a real eye-opener for me, to see the levels that feedback can be taken to. Your ability, as coaches, to be precise, warm, constructive, observant & honest, along with your cooperation, which seemed completely relaxed & open, created lots of safety for me &, I think, for the group. You took our needs & wishes into consideration whilst keeping us moving forward & covering the materials. The clarity of your communication & the lightness of your tone, makes the work seem light even when it feels hard.

Soren Holm, Master Coach & Trainer