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Symbolic Modelling: Fine Tuning Your Skills

18-20 February 2022 10:00-17:30 GMT

Price: £600.00 (£720 inc VAT)

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Anson Grove
14 Anson Grove, Portchester
PO16 8JG

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Practice, along with feedback from a skilled practitioner who can help you to polish your skills, are key to getting really good at any skill. And these 3-day or 5 x webinar sessions offer an opportunity for you to gain that practice, along with targeted tuition to help you to learn the nuances that arise within individual Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling & Clean Space sessions, and that will make all the difference to your facilitation skills. While the agenda will be emergent and formed in response to what is happening in the group, we’ll typically cover how to work with binds along with other advanced concepts and there will also be an opportunity for formal assessment for those working towards Certified Clean Facilitator Level 1.

This will all take place in a small group (no more than 6 participants per trainer). The majority of the time will be taken up with individual sessions where one participant is the facilitator, with another as client and everyone else observing. At the end of each session everyone will be invited to give feedback to the facilitator, so that everyone learns from what’s happening. Or you can choose to have feedback and coaching during the session. The format will be similar each time while the content of the events will vary according to what happens in the individual sessions.

The trainer will be offering tuition throughout the event, according to the group’s needs. So binds will be taught when a bind arises in someone’s landscape, the PRO Model will be revised when it becomes clear when there’s a need for that within the group, and so on. In this way, no time is wasted; everything you learn will be relevant to you and where you are with your learning right now.

If you wish to become a Certified Clean Facilitator, there will be an opportunity within each module for formal assessment against the Level 1 criteria (see below) – and when you are ready, we will record a session to send to a second assessor. (No extra charge for assessment.) Most people will need to attend three or more “Fine Tuning” modules to reach the required skill level. Formal assessment is optional; if you are already a certified facilitator or if you don’t want to be assessed or certified, you are just as welcome and you will have just as much facilitation and feedback time as everyone else.

Please note that to complete the Certified Clean Facilitator Certification, you will also need to attend a Clean Space workshop at some point and be prepared to demonstrate your Clean Space skills during one of the Fine Tuning modules.

Join us for this rolling programme of 3-day modules or 5 x webinar sessions on your way to becoming a top-class Clean Facilitator.

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Who is it for?

These modules are for you if you:

  • Have completed Clean Language: Core Skills
  • Have the basics and want to take your practice further
  • Want to get really good at these skills and understand that this will take time, lots of practice and expert feedback from a skilled facilitator
  • Want to understand more of the nuances involved in this work, that may only arise from time to time in individual sessions
  • Want to improve your modelling skills
  • Want to learn how to work with binds and double binds
  • Are interested in becoming a Certified Clean Facilitator (Level 1)
  • Are willing to do what it takes to get really good at these skills
  • Want to bring a client along and get feedback on how you work with someone who has not had training in Clean Language (optional)

What will I gain?

  • Individual practice and feedback from your fellow participants and the trainer
  • Hone your observation, calibration and feedback skills as you observe other participants at work
  • Work towards Certified Clean Facilitator (Level 1) status
  • Highly targeted tuition to meet the needs of those in the group
  • Meet others who are at a similar level to you, so you can form practice partnerships / groups outside of the modules
  • Learn more nuances of Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space
  • Learn advanced techniques and models that are not taught on our Core Skills training (e.g. working with binds, REPROC model, working with line of sight)


To join this programme, you must have attended Clean Language: Core Skills at least once (or equivalent training from another provider). You will also find it helpful to read Clean Approaches for Coaches by Marian Way.

Contact us if you would be interested in an online version of this event.

Criteria_for_CF_level_1.pdf (pdf 168KB)

Your trainer(s)


Marian Way


Marian loves designing courses, leading them, writing, coaching and group facilitation. She is the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches and co-author of Insights in Space and So you want to be ... #DramaFree.


Anson Grove


Marian tailors each session to the needs of the participants and, with exquisite patience, covers all the questions that we have, no matter how simple or complex. At the beginning of a session, we might cover some of the theory and concepts and then we get to practise, practise, practise, taking it in turn to be the facilitator, observer or client. We also get the chance to do longer sessions without interruptions so that we can experience all the phases of a symbolic modelling session from beginning to end which is incredibly useful. Fine Tuning is a thorough process that is customised to the needs of the participants and that gently but surely leads you to becoming more experienced and confident with your Clean facilitation skills.

Christiane Livingston

The three days of Fine Tuning were a real gift for me, enabling a quantum leap in my knowledge and understanding of the clean philosophy as well as my personal understanding and development. The group and the different topics each of us chose opened a new way into my inner thinking and model of the world. You created and held the space to enable my new insights - and by being confident that something good and valuable would emerge you conducted the training in a different way to most trainers, who try to demonstrate that they have the golden key or silver bullet to solve or improve everything. A huge thank you full of gratitude for the three days.


I have always found Marian's teaching and feedback focussed and extremely helpful. She is one of the best teachers I know. The teaching on each course was always layered so that we learned and experienced everything in tandem, with plenty of relevant examples from her experience. Being encouraged to have specific learning goals and getting focussed feedback afterwards was very helpful. Supported self-feedback was always encouraged and is a useful skill to learn. The quality of feedback was always excellent as Marian always pays exquisite attention and knows exactly where a landscape unravelled or a more helpful direction could have been chosen. This clarity enhanced my learning journey and has given me a voice in my ear when I find myself in similar situations now.

Alison Flanagan