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Clean Feedback: 1/2-Day Workshop

Tuesday 30 April 2024, 9.30am to 12.30pm BST

Price: £125.00 (£150 inc VAT)

Community price: £75.00 (£90 inc VAT)
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Giving and receiving feedback is an essential skill whether in a personal, educational or professional context. And, to truly excel in any skill, it is essential to practise and refine your abilities. 

Clean Feedback is a way of giving someone (or yourself) feedback that is likely to be acted upon. This is because it separates out what actually happened (evidence) from what you are making up about that event (inference) and from the impact it is having. It has the following elements:

  • What worked well for you?
  • What didn't work so well for you?
  • What would work better for you

Getting curious about evidence, inference and impact can: 

  • Help in understanding where other people are coming from and making sense of their behaviour.
  • Respect diversity in thinking and working styles and prevents miscommunication and wasted effort.
  • Avoid offence and misunderstanding that can be caused by feedback that is littered with unfounded opinions.
  • Help de-personalise criticism, by referring to the behaviour rather than the person.

The Clean Feedback model is simple, effective and adaptable for different situations. It enables equal amounts of positive and developmental information and brings the giver into the frame. Feedback says as much about the patterns of the giver as the patterns of the receiver. 

Our half-day online workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to learn or deepen your knowledge of the Clean Feedback model and to develop your skills in discerning evidence from inference from impact as well as experiencing giving and receiving Clean Feedback live in the workshop.

There will also be time for your questions and for different/further aspects of this model to emerge depending on the group's interests.

Your trainer(s)


Marian Way


Marian loves designing courses, leading them, writing, coaching and group facilitation. She is the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches and co-author of Insights in Space and So you want to be ... #DramaFree.


Emily Edwards

Events Coordinator

In addition to being the Events Coordinator for Clean Learning, Emily is currently training to be an ICF-accredited coach on our Clean Coach Certification Programme. Emily is passionate about neurodiversity and inclusion.


Online via Zoom