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Clean Constellations

Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July 2004, 9.30am to 5pm each day

Price: £500.00 (£600 inc VAT)

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Please note that we need 10 people to book by June 15th to make this workshop viable.


Clean Constellations is a blend of Systemic Constellations and Clean Space. In a constellations process, the client brings an issue and other people from the group are invited to become ‘representatives’ of various aspects of the client’s issue. These representatives are invited to express their experience of being in a certain space or role as the client’s system becomes available for observation, questioning and eventual modification. 

The process becomes a Clean Constellation when the facilitator:

  • Generally takes a clean stance  - i.e. they are content to simply name with love and without judgement what they see emerging in the constellation
  • Conducts the initial interview with the client cleanly
  • Uses Clean Language when questioning the representatives
  • Is timing their questions to be a good fit with what is happening for the client and the representatives 

Whereas a clean coach works with the client’s language (verbal or non-verbal) to help a client to access their own inner wisdom, a constellator works with what s/he sees, feels, hears from outside the client’s system and questions that. A client renounces ‘control’ over what is said and done by representatives in a constellation. (In clean coaching it often takes longer for the client to relinquish ‘control’ of what is emerging and to become an observer of his / her own system. 

During this 2-day workshop you will experience at least 4 systemic constellations either in the role of client, or as a representative in the client’s constellation, or as a part of a holding circle. The experience will be decoded in the light of 5 systemic principles emanating from Bert Hellinger’s initial body of work and developed by those who followed (Albrecht Mahr, Ty Francis, Judith Hemming, Jan Jacob Stam, Daan van Kampenhout to name a few). The experience will also be reviewed from the point of view of David Grove’s Clean Space work.

How will you benefit from this workshop?

As a client you will gain additional insight into an issue from a systemic point of view i.e. it may not be all about you.

As a representative you will experience the strangeness of embodying someone or something that you cannot have prior knowledge of. You will learn that all things and people belong somewhere and your ‘foreign’ experience is recognisable as belonging to the wider experience of humanity.

As a member of the holding circle you may remain neutral to what you see and hear unfolding before you but you will not remain indifferent. Your role may change at any point.

Globally you will enrich your understanding of how systems work and why they offer such a rich field of exploration. A constellation is just one tool that facilitates this understanding. Done cleanly, a constellation is a powerful way of working with a client that does not abuse their sovereignty but does challenge control of their narrative.

Your trainer(s)


Lynne Burney

Lynne is an expert in clean coaching techniques and has incorporated these techniques into her teaching as a practitioner of systemic interventions in the workplace and family constellations in the private sphere. She teaches coaches how to work systemically with constellations with individual clients or company teams.


The Practice
58 Caldy Road
West Kirby, Wirral
United Kingdom
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The Practice is Caitlin and Shaun’s family home and is situated on the stunning Dee estuary, with views across to North Wales. When you’re not involved with learning you can enjoy a walk along the beach or in the nearby parkland. There are plenty of reasonably-priced B&Bs nearby and West Kirby boasts many lovely pubs and restaurants.


The following places are all within a short walk or drive of the venue. You will need to contact them directly to book accommodation.

Caldy Warren, Caldy - Just along the road from venue

China Plate Farm, West Kirby - 2 miles from venue

Mere Brook House, Thornton Hough - 8.6 miles from venue

Hoylake Holiday Inn    0151 632 2073 

Number 15, Hoylake  -  (0)7989 743389

Hillbark Hotel & Spa, Frankby 

It’s also worth checking out airbnb.co.uk.



The nearest train station is West Kirby. Liverpool Lime Street is a 25 minute taxi journey away (Satellite Cars - 0151 201 0001)