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1-Day Introduction to Clean Language

23 November 2021, 09:30-17:30 UK time (GMT)

Price: £140.00 (£168 inc VAT)

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Online via Zoom


Our 1-day Introduction to Clean Language is designed to give you a ‘taster’ of what it’s possible to achieve with this powerful methodology, along with the basic skills you need to get started. The day will be based around powerful Clean Language tools that are easy to learn and which you can put into practice immediately:

  • Clean Set Up: getting off to a good start and avoiding hidden agendas
  • Developing a resource metaphor: gain awareness of your own resources and learn how to help others do the same
  • The Target Model: how to stay on track during a clean coaching session
  • Clean Feedback: how to give feedback that people can do something about
  • One Minute Motivation: stop procrastinating and start taking action - and how to get others to do the same without giving them any advice

These simple, practical tools can be used in a multitude of contexts. Along the way, you will also learn the basic Clean Language questions, what assumptions you are making a split second after someone speaks and how to clean can help you keep those assumptions to yourself and so move from contempt to curiosity. There will also be a demonstration of clean coaching.

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Who is it for?

  • Coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists
  • Therapists and health workers
  • Managers and directors from all sectors
  • Teachers, parents, social workers
  • Interviewers and researchers
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate well

What will I gain?

  • The basic Clean Language questions and how to ask them for maximum effect
  • Listening and questioning skills that will enhance your communications
  • Ways to apply the principles of Clean Language in different contexts
  • Simple tools for clarifying people’s desired outcomes and motivating them to take action
  • Discover the structure beneath the metaphors we use to describe our everyday experiences
  • Personal development as you practise with others in the group

Your trainer(s)


Doris Leibold

Doris has trained in Clean Language, Symbolic and Systemic Modelling. She is passionate about sharing tools and strategies that enable people to stay empowered in difficult of situations and make decisions that are in line with their values.


Alison Flanagan

Alison is a health, personal and professional coach. She holds an ILM 7 in Coaching and Mentoring and is a Certified Clean Language facilitator and Level 0 Systemic Modeller.


Online via Zoom


The workshop was a great introduction to Clean Language and how effective it can be. The training style and approach was warm and ensured that all of us were able to engage with the material – whatever our background and experience. The trainers skilfully demonstrated the use of Clean Language before we had the chance to practice and get feedback.

Carol Wilkinson

Go do it! Well worth a day to find out more about how the language we use affects how we put across our agenda!

Pam Medhurst

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1-Day Introduction to Clean Language and really enjoyed the facilitation style. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course, and took away some tangible learning points that I can use straight away.

Adrian Reed