Manchester and Cheshire Clean Practice Group

Thursday 7 January 2020 6-8pm
Federation House, Manchester (Greater), United Kingdom
With Nicola Waterworth, Eve Holt


The Manchester & Cheshire Clean Practice Group is a new group hosted by Nicola Waterworth, in central Manchester. The group meet from 6-8pm on the first Thursday of each month. Join us if you are a seasoned clean practitioner or have a new interest to hone Clean Language skills and approaches.

If you want to attend, please contact for more details.

Participants will need to have booked so they can be put on a door list.


Nicola Waterworth's photo

Nicola Waterworth

Nicola is a coach, facilitator and an NLP practitioner who uses her Clean Language skills to create spaces for people to be at their best, explore the systems they are operating within and enable change. She is co-founder of...

Eve Holt's photo

Eve Holt

Eve is an ILM certified coach, a facilitator, politician, lawyer and Director of Happen Together CIC. She is passionate about using her skills in Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling and Systemic Modelling to support systemic change, creating conducive spaces...

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who has done some training in Clean Language - even if only a few days or a few hours
  • Anyone who is curious about clean approaches and wants to discover more

What will I gain?

  • Build your skills in Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge
  • Try out and refine new ideas and activities
  • Meet like-minded people to practise with
  • Help build a clean community in your locality or online
  • Expect a friendly, open and honest environment, sharing with others who want to make a difference.

What's involved?

Our practice groups are designed to help you to build your clean modelling skills in a fun and friendly environment. While each group has its own identity, depending on group leaders' and members' interests, all are run as cleanly as possible, with everyone helping to determine the agenda. Each group lasts two hours plus there is time for networking. Newcomers are welcome.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a simple set of questions developed by counselling psychologist David Grove. These questions are used with a person's own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience. Asking these questions in the right context often results in an interesting new insight or the recognition of some new possibility. And if that new possibility is then questioned using Clean Language, the result can be quite profound. Clean questions invite people to consider their experience from different perspectives and they are often surprised by their own capacity to generate new, powerful and useful ideas about their own experience.

More detail

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