Adventures in Clean ONLINE

Friday 5th June, 12pm BST to Monday 8th June 1pm BST, 2020
With Caitlin Walker, James Lawley, Penny Tompkins, Marian Way, Shaun Hotchkiss, Phil Swallow


Imagine the opportunity to work with six leading therapists and facilitators using all of David Grove’s extraordinary techniques for change, insight and healing. Imagine, too, being able to watch those same therapists, live, working with a range of other clients. The unique factor of this year’s event is that it will be done online with all of the care, attention and connection we’ve created in the past.

The event starts at 12 noon BST with all the participants and therapists gathered in one Zoom room for a general introduction to the event, a Clean Set Up and an opportunity to clarify who's who, logistics, how to get the best from the event - and anything else you'd like to know before we begin. Then we'll break into different sessions - some parallel and some sequential. In each of these sessions, there'll be one or two facilitators working with a participant on a topic of their choice. When you are not participating as a client, you’ll be able to observe all of this and to ask the facilitator(s) your own modelling questions during the debrief sessions. This includes modelling what was happening in the facilitator's mind as they were working with the client as well as modelling the unfolding structure of the session and the client's journey. A real modelling Masterclass.

You will be able to sign up in advance for sessions when you will be the client and you will be free to watch as many of the other sessions as you wish.

Different people come to ‘Adventures’ for different purposes. Everyone will have at least one personal development session, but some people attend as much for the professional learning as for their own development. This is a unique opportunity to see a number of therapists work one after another and to be able to see different applications of very similar processes. When the facilitators work in pairs they'll also be observing and asking each other modelling questions to learn more about how each person works. 

If personal development or healing is your main purpose for attending, you’ll be able to gain from several sessions over the course of the four days, which can be on the same or different topics. You’ll get a chance to book with different therapists and experience a range of approaches. We’ll be using Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge to facilitate your personal journey of insight, clarity and change. Between your own development sessions, you can reflect, write, draw, talk with other participants in a small chat room, observe others’ sessions, ask questions or coach someone else and be supervised by one of us. There will sometimes be several things going on at once.

Please note that this is a group event and all sessions will be open for everyone to observe and participate. Everyone who attends the event will be expected to take part in at least one personal development session.

We will be operating from different time zones and will be able to offer a range of time slots over the four days. There will be breaks between sessions as well as opportunities to meet as a whole group to create the sense of connection and trust that supports this event.


Caitlin Walker's photo

Caitlin Walker

Caitlin is a director of Clean Learning and the developer of Systemic Modelling™. She is the author of From Contempt to Curiosity, which details many of the innovative and transformational projects she's led across our community...

James Lawley's photo

James Lawley

James Lawley studied with David Grove for 12 years. As a result he co-developed Symbolic Modelling, co-authored "Metaphors in Mind" with his partner Penny Tompkins. Together they have a private psychotherapy and coaching practice and teach Symbolic Modelling to...

Penny Tompkins's photo

Penny Tompkins

Penny Tompkins co-developed Symbolic Modelling which incorporates the Clean Language of David Grove, and is co-author of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling and a training DVD, A Strange and Strong Sensation. She is a leader in the field...

Marian Way's photo

Marian Way

A highly skilled facilitator and trainer, Marian, who founded Clean Learning in 2001, has developed and delivered training across the world. She is the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches and co-author, with James Lawley, of Insights in Space. Marian is...

Shaun Hotchkiss's photo

Shaun Hotchkiss

Shaun is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner and a consultant, coach and facilitator. He also supervises other therapists, coaches and facilitators. He worked and travelled with David Grove in the UK and New Zealand when he was...

Phil Swallow's photo

Phil Swallow

Phil Swallow has worked closely with leaders in the developing field of clean approaches, both in UK and France, as experienced facilitator, co-trainer and assessor.  He wishes David Grove could be here now to know the spread and development...

What people say

"Adventures in Clean was a privilege to attend. I had the opportunity to witness the best in Clean work on others AND have the experience of being facilitated by the best. My professional knowledge has deepened and I am already more effective as a facilitator. Personally, I am now living within a metaphor that will stay with me and morph for the rest of my life. Already new behaviours have emerged, sometimes at unexpected moments. I will be forever grateful for those few days."
Cathy Foster Coach

"If there were a Glastonbury festival for the mind, this would be a pass to the backstage party."
David Brown

"I had a full weekend of experiencing how it feels to be in charge of my change and how valuable that is. I am still discovering what has come up in my sessions and how it affects my life. I liked the set-up of having the 5 best Clean Language facilitators not only sharing their expertise but also learning openly from each other. It was a warm and fuzzy atmosphere for everyone to let go of their facades and be truly themselves."
Gudrun Stolzenburg Coach

"I’m so glad I listened to my heart and came on this weekend. I enjoyed getting to know myself in a deep way. I am on my authentic/divine path and am letting go of anything that is holding me back! It was also truly fascinating to see how other people tick. Watching the different expert facilitators work was fascinating and the opportunity to ask questions at the end really helped my learning. Great trainers, great group. It was a totally unique experience and one of the best weekends of my life! I would not change a thing. I loved it!"
Ruth Huckle Teacher

"What a mind-blowing, life-changing experience! I knew the Clean Adventure 2015 would change me in some way; I know how powerful the process is. Getting through and beyond a bind that has bothered me for some time has been a profound experience for me. Being able to find my voice and feel comfortable in voicing my opinion is also a great experience. Being able to model top Clean Language facilitators was a rich experience as I witnessed many other peers who seem to have similar experiences to mine (judging by their smiling faces on the last day!) I'd like to thank the entire team, Marian, Caitlin, Shaun, Penny & James for their professionalism in organising this event and pulling off in a very well-orchestrated manner!"
Lorraine Biggs

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