Clean Space

13-14 July 2017
BBO Dance Headquarters, London, United Kingdom
With Marian Way, James Lawley


Clean Space is an exquisitely simple and innovative facilitation process which David Grove designed to maximise a person's inherent creativity with a minimum of interferences from the facilitator. During this workshop you’ll discover how to use space as your co-facilitator. You will learn how to enable your fellow participants to gain new insights, deepen knowledge and make transformative changes. 

The workshop is suitable for beginners and for those who are already familiar with the basic Clean Space process. During the two days James and Marian will share the new ideas, nuances and developments which have arisen from their collaboration on a book about this subject - including new and creative ways to adapt the process to business, organisations and education.

Be among the first to experience this new way of learning one of David Grove's breakthrough innovations. 



Marian Way's photo

Marian Way

Marian founded Clean Learning in 2001 and now runs it jointly with Caitlin Walker. She is an expert Clean facilitator, an adept modeller, a programme writer, an inspirational trainer and the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches. Marian designs our...

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James Lawley

James Lawley studied with David Grove for 12 years. As a result, he co-developed Symbolic Modelling and co-authored "Metaphors in Mind" with his partner Penny Tompkins. Together they have a private practice and teach Symbolic Modelling to therapists, counsellors,...

Who's it for?

This training is for:

  • Coaches, therapists, managers and anyone who wants to help others to think more creatively
  • Leaders who prefer to empower people rather than telling them what to do
  • Students of Clean Language and other clean approaches
  • People who need to generate new and creative ideas for problem solving
  • Anyone who enjoys learning new tools and different ways of thinking
No experience of Clean Language is necessary to attend this training.

What will I gain?

  • An overview of David Grove's work in relation to space
  • The new simplified Clean Space process and how to facilitate it
  • How to adapt the standard process to suit your client and their context
  • The principles of Clean Space and how to make your facilitation elegant by applying them in the moment
  • Participation in a group Clean Space process
  • Personal development on a topic of your choice 

What's involved?

Environments can affect our thinking and emotional states. Dark rooms can make us feel gloomy; mountainsides inspire us to think big; we go for walks to clear our heads. But did you know that we can gain new perspectives on a topic just by standing in different places in a room?

We talk about looking at problems from different angles - but have you ever considered moving to different spaces and viewing your problem from there? 

The new sciences of self-organisation, networks and emergence have revealed hidden patterns to the process of creativity and problem solving. By using this special kind of clean facilitation you can encourage the conditions for creative emergence - without getting in the way. 

Counselling psychologist, David Grove, considered these possibilities and experimented extensively with people from all walks of life to see what difference moving to different spaces could make. The resultant process, Clean Space, is a truly innovative way to access your inner wisdom and creativity.

On Day 1 of this workshop you will learn how to facilitate the new simplified Clean Space process, including how to establish the spaces & help the explorer to find out about the links between them. You'll learn how to encourage psychoactivity by keeping your interventions clean and minimal and by putting your attention onto the spatial configurations and metaphors that emerge. You'll find out about the 'network effects' that often arise within this process and who to encourage and maintain these.

On Day 2, you will be tuning into the clues that let you know something out-of-the-ordinary is happening. You'll learn the principles of utilisation, how to handle the unexpected & how to make choices as a Clean Space facilitator. We will share new material from our forthcoming book and there will also be a group Clean Space activity to enhance your learning.

This is a brilliant opportunity to learn simple but powerful processes that can change lives, as well as to benefit from your own personal development.  

"It is our imagination and creativity which will open the doors to progress. In the search for [greater] understanding ... we need tools that have not been part of our standard education and experience, tools that will open up the territory of our mind."
Joyce Wycott, author of "Mindmapping - Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem Solving"
"The problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out. Every mind is a room packed with archaic furniture. Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it."
Dee Hock, founder and former CEO of Visa.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clean Space?

Clean Space is a facilitation process that emerged out of David Grove's continued search for a way to facilitate clients effectively and efficiently to do the personal work they need to do with the least possible interference from a facilitator. 

In a Clean Space session, the facilitator invites the client to find different physical spaces (usually in a room, although it can be anywhere) to represent different aspects of their thinking. The client moves from space to space, pausing in each one to consider what they know there. In this way, they build up a network of connections between the many thoughts, feelings and ideas in their mind and body.

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What people say

"Clean Space gives valuable perspective – it’s simple and powerful. The workshop reminded me how important space is to me and I’ve discovered more about the impact of space on the quality of my thinking: in a dark, confined space it was easy to focus on a problem and feel overwhelmed, whereas outdoors I could expand my thinking. As a facilitator I learned that the less I have to do, the more of my attention is available to give to my client. I will be bringing spatial perspectives more into my coaching sessions and I am also thinking about how to use ideas around space even more explicitly in my work… Watch this space!"
Felicity Dwyer Coach

"This workshop taught me how important space - and height - are for getting new perspectives on problems, and how even the simplest of questions can be very effective in bringing about change. I will be using Clean Space in my coaching and HR work and I will be putting more thought into where I hold meetings and where people sit in those meetings."
Gill Rudge Coach & HR Consultant

"I used Clean Space to facilitate some Head Teachers - and they loved it! It enabled them to dig deeper into why some aspects of teaching practice were successful and revealed what was holding some teachers back from progressing further. Clean Space also gave them several insights into how space was used effectively (or not) in the classroom."
Jackie Arnold Executive Coach

"The training proved to be a rich space for conceptual learning, skills development and personal discovery. "
John Webber HR Manager

"Clean Language and Clean Space are quickest and most effective ways of helping to gain clarity of thought that I have come across in 30 years of marketing."
Lizz Clarke MD, Logical Creative Marketing (LCM)