Webinar: A Clean Language Approach to Facilitation

Join Caitlin Walker to discover a Clean Language Approach to Facilitation.

Who's it for?

This teleseminar is for you if you:

  • Would like to know about cutting-edge coaching tools
  • Have heard about Clean Language and want to know more
  • Want to hear Clean Language in action

What will I gain?

During this interactive webinar you will learn:

  • The basic Clean Questions and how they can be asked to develop resources and outcomes    
  • What assumptions you are making a split second after someone speaks    
  • How to keep your assumptions to yourself so you can work with peoples' actual experiences    
  • How to uncover the structure of someone's thinking by developing the metaphors they naturally use to express themselves
  • More about your own metaphor for when you are facilitating at your best - and what difference knowing that makes  

What's involved?

Clean Language is a sophisticated and elegant way to work with people one-on-one or on a group basis to explore other’s thoughts, feelings and outcomes. It is a way to respectfully question the words and phrases people use to describe their experiences. A coach/facilitator does not introduce any content apart from very simple questions, which helps an individual or group to build on their own awareness. The Clean Language approach requires facilitators to set aside their own inner world and to keep themselves engaged while at the same time remaining neutral.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clean Language?

Clean Language is a simple set of questions developed by counselling psychologist David Grove. These questions are used with a person's own words to direct their attention to some aspect of their own experience. Asking these questions in the right context often results in an interesting new insight or the recognition of some new possibility. And if that new possibility is then questioned using Clean Language, the result can be quite profound. Clean questions invite people to consider their experience from different perspectives and they are often surprised by their own capacity to generate new, powerful and useful ideas about their own experience.

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Upcoming events

Webinar: A Clean Language Approach to Facilitation

4 February 2016, 5.00-6.30pm GMT (12.00-1.30pm EST)
With Caitlin Walker

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