Train the Clean Trainer

A 10-day residential programme to enhance your ability to train clean processes, deliver any training material more cleanly, and to manage the group dynamics using Systemic Modelling. Learn from four of the world's leading clean trainers.

Who's it for?

  • People who want to train clean processes
  • People who want to deliver any training material more cleanly
  • People who want to facilitate groups cleanly

You must:

  • Either have completed the Clean Facilitator Certification process
  • Or have completed 5 or more days of training in Clean Language AND have worked as a teacher, trainer or group facilitator (clean or otherwise).

What will I gain?

  • How to use clean principles to make any training a richer learning experience for your attendees
  • How to incorporate emergent (bottom-up) learning with traditional (top-down) teaching
  • The keys to training clean processes
  • Enhanced Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling skills
  • The core skills of Systemic Modelling™
  • Personal development
  • Feedback and individual coaching from trainers and fellow participants
  • The resources of a community of like-minded professionals

What's involved?

How can a clean philosophy be applied in a training context? Our aim is to help you answer this question for yourself and gain the practical training skills you need to put your ideas into practice. During this 10-day learning experience we’ll examine: the principles of clean approaches; what it means to be a ‘clean’ trainer; and the relationship between a bottom-up, emergent way of working and delivering top-down models. 

Join Marian WayPenny TompkinsCaitlin WalkerJames Lawley on this residential training in beautiful Suffolk. The training will be run cleanly, so you’ll also experience how it works both from a participant and a trainer perspective. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to model first-hand what we are doing, from the structure and design of the training down to details such as keeping track of time or modelling questions. And there will be lots of learning from your fellow trainers from around the world.

Your requirements will be woven into the fabric of each day as we cover:

  • Principles involved in leading a clean training session
  • Identifying participants' learning needs
  • Theory and practice of clean approaches as applied to learning and training
  • Designing clean activities and training structures
  • Giving and receiving feedback cleanly
  • How modelling enhances training
  • Group facilitation and responding in the moment
  • Identifying individual and group-dynamic patterns
  • Using group-level learning
  • Becoming an 'anti-fragile' trainer
  • Incorporating clean into other training programmes
  • Working on your own clean training project

Photo gallery

  • Clean Set Up - What would you like this training to be like?
  • Working in the garden
  • Mealtime

Additional information

Frequently asked questions

What is Systemic Modelling™?

Systemic Modelling™ is an approach for supporting groups to use clean questions and metaphor models to better understand one another and to develop the skills and capability to collaborate meaningfully.

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What participants say

"The venue and amenities were very conducive to the learning experience and it helped to have a very diverse group of participants who are experienced in Clean Language. I think that level of experience helps to shape the dynamics of the group, and the direction of the learning experience. I also liked: the constant feedback received from the trainers, and other participants; the modelling opportunities; the structure that allowed me to achieve the outcome I set for myself; the after-class sessions; the closing which was very powerful. I appreciated all the things that happened in the background to make it a comfortable and at the same time challenging training... the food was great, the ambience wonderful, the trainers had a good dynamic and were very supportive and congruent, all materials were ready, accessible, available,and there was enough space to interact, reflect and do our own things."
Rona Ptschelinzew

Upcoming events

We're sorry - we don't have any events scheduled at the moment. If you have a small group (6 or more people) who are interested, we may be able to run the event in your area. Please contact us.

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