Systemic Modelling Bootcamp

This is an additional 2-day workshop for those who are learning the Systemic Modelling process. It is open to anyone who has completed Clean for Teams as well as those who have already completed one or more Systemic Modelling modules. 

The focus of the two days will be your practice, learning and assessment. You will have opportunities to lead the various Systemic Modelling models (Clean Feedback, Clean Set Up, Developmental Tasks, Five Senses, Drama Triangle, Triune Brain) as well as any general themes that emerge. And of course, you will receive Clean Feedback from the trainers as well as your peers.

Frequently asked questions

What is Systemic Modelling™?

Systemic Modelling™ is an approach for supporting groups to use clean questions and metaphor models to better understand one another and to develop the skills and capability to collaborate meaningfully.

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Upcoming events

Systemic Modelling Bootcamp

16th - 17th December 2019
West Kirby, Merseyside,
With Caitlin Walker, Shaun Hotchkiss

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