“Inside Story” Webinar Series for Systemic Modelling Trainees

On-line study group ’Towards Attaining Level 2’ skills

Live Project - Dinner Ladies

We are currently teaching Systemic Modelling to a staff team in a primary school with excellent staff in a deprived area - and within that school, there’s an award winning team of dinner ladies providing nutritious free breakfasts and lunches for every child in the school.

This team has unresolved issues, which means they aren’t getting along as they’d like. This has been going on for years and has recently escalated. The school wants to support them to resolve the problem and to learn #DramaFree skills to use with one another and with the children.

As you learn and develop your Level 2 skills in Systemic Modelling, this is an opportunity for you to join an online study group to follow the process from start to finish. 

Who's it for?

  • Systemic Modelling trainees who have achieved a reasonable level of competency with the core skills and who want to extend their learning beyond the training room
  • Anyone who have completed Level 1 in Systemic Modelling
  • Those who are working towards Level 1 and who would like to find out more about how a live project works - including scoping, interviews, designing an intervention, follow-up and results

What's involved?

A series of eight 90-minute webinars, to take place on the following dates all at 13:00 UK time:

1) CLEAN SCOPING: Wednesday July 24th

This will involve exploring Clean Scoping, what Caitlin has done so far, coding during scoping, setting expectations and creating a compelling introduction to the project.

2) STRUCTURING INTERVIEWS: Wednesday July 31st 

Next will be structuring interviews and sending out pre-instructions. We’ll think about how to conduct the interviews and you will go and practice what you’ve learned so far with a mini-project of your choice.

The actual interviews will be conducted on Tuesday September 3rd.

3) MODELLING THE INTERVIEW PROCESS: Wednesday 4th September 

Model Caitlin straight after the interviews have happened, what’s she noticing, how is she processing the information, what might be available that’s important that she doesn’t usually tell people. Compare this with the interviews you’ve done for your mini-projects. You will also be asked to read three of Caitlin's interviews and to analyse them for codes, themes and conflict - in preparation for the next webinar...

4) ANALYSING THE INTERVIEWS: Monday 9th September

We will code and then analyse the interviews for themes and patterns. This can take some time and once we have the major codes/themes we will go away and digest them and come back for insights and intelligence that emerge after the coding.

5) CO-DESIGNING THE INTERVENTION: Wednesday 11th September 

We will co-design the intervention, depending on what we’ve discovered from the interviews.

The intervention itself will happen during late September/October - this may well be a few iterations. 


We will meet to discuss the intervention, what’s happening, what’s working well and what needs to be different.


What steps can be taken to consolidate the changes and skill by designing an internal self-evaluation of progress.?This also allows us to evaluate externally, the return on investment.

8) REFLECTION ON RESULTS: Wednesday 6th November 

Reflection on results and overall project

Group size will be limited to 9-12 Systemic Modelling trainees. You will work in groups of 3 or 4 to look at data, prepare questions, practice skills etc. 

The sessions will be approximately 50/50 training and experiential practice.

Time investment, on-line as well as study time in between sessions will be approximately 18 hours

We will record the training sessions for those who want to watch them later. This will only be available to those who are part of the study group in order to maintain the privacy of the clients.

Upcoming events

“Inside Story” Webinar Series for Systemic Modelling Trainees FULLY BOOKED

8 webinars starting Wednesday July 24th, finishing Wednesday November 6th, all at 13:00 UK time
With Caitlin Walker

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