Clean Space & Emergent Knowledge

Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge are exquisitely simple and innovative facilitation processes that emerged from David Grove's search for ways to minimise the facilitator's influence on the process, while still being a key part of it.

Who's it for?

This training is for:

  • Coaches, therapists and anyone who helps other people think
  • Leaders who prefer to empower people rather than telling them what to do
  • Students of Clean Language and other clean approaches
  • People who need to generate new and creative ideas for problem solving
  • Anyone who enjoys learning new tools and different ways of thinking

No experience of Clean Language is necessary to attend this training.

What will I gain?

  • An overview of David Grove's work in relation to space
  • The basic Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge processes and how to facilitate them
  • How to adapt these processes to suit your client and their context
  • Personal development on topic(s) of your choice

What's involved?

We know that our environments can affect our thinking and emotional states. Dark rooms can make us feel gloomy; mountainsides inspire us to think big; we go for walks to clear our heads. But did you know that we can gain new perspectives on a topic just by standing in different places in a room?

We talk about looking at problems from different angles - but have you ever considered moving to a different space and peering at your problem from there? 

Counselling psychologist, David Grove, considered these possibilities and experimented extensively with people from all walks of life to see what difference moving to different spaces could make. The resultant processes, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge, are truly innovative ways to access your inner wisdom and creativity.

During this 2-day workshop you’ll discover how to use space as your co-facilitator - to enable your fellow participants to gain new insights, deepen their knowledge and make breakthrough changes. You’ll also taking the role of explorer, - so can expect your own personal breakthroughs. 

This is a brilliant opportunity to learn simple but powerful processes that can change lives, as well as to benefit from your own personal development.  

"Clean Space is a new way to utilize bottom-up modelling in human psychology."

James Lawley & Penny Tompkins, Clean Space: Modeling Human Perception through Emergence, 2003

Additional information

This 2-day workshop forms part of the Clean Facilitator Programme.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clean Space?

Clean Space is a facilitation process that emerged out of David Grove's continued search for a way to facilitate clients effectively and efficiently to do the personal work they need to do with the least possible interference from a facilitator. 

In a Clean Space session, the facilitator invites the client to find different physical spaces (usually in a room, although it can be anywhere) to represent different aspects of their thinking. The client moves from space to space, pausing in each one to consider what they know there. In this way, they build up a network of connections between the many thoughts, feelings and ideas in their mind and body.

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What participants say

"I was keen to experience Clean Space and I wasn't at all disappointed as my 'clean space landscape' quickly became psycho-active under Phil's expertly minimal guidance. The questions, which can seem illogical when taken out of context, make perfect sense when you are focusing on an issue which you care about. And it is tremendously valuing to have someone pay exquisite attention to what you say and how you say it."
Jenny Heath

"I used Clean Space to facilitate some Head Teachers - and they loved it! It enabled them to dig deeper into why some aspects of teaching practice were successful and revealed what was holding some teachers back from progressing further. Clean Space also gave them several insights into how space was used effectively (or not) in the classroom."
Jackie Arnold Executive Coach

"The training proved to be a rich space for conceptual learning, skills development and personal discovery. "
John Webber HR Manager

Upcoming events

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