Clean Interviewing

Learn the principles of using Clean Language in semi-structured interviewing – and how to apply these principles to gather high quality information from clients, job candidates and research candidates. 

Who's it for?

  • Researchers
  • Consultants
  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Anyone who interviews others and wants to find out what they really think and feel
You do not need any prior experience of Clean Language in order to attend this course. 

What will I gain?

  • Insights into clean and unclean questions and how they impact on interviews
  • An experience of being cleanly and uncleanly interviewed 
  • Some principles of clean interviewing
  • The opportunity to categorise questions into clean, clean research, logically clean and unclean questions
  • How to design your clean interviews
  • What constitutes ‘fit for purpose’ in your data gathering
  • How to make your data more robust by reducing interviewer bias

What's involved?

Day 1: An Introduction to Clean Interviewing

  • Learn about your fellow attendees and what you’d all like from the training.
  • Learn about clean questions and adjacency, with exercises to distinguish between clean questions, clean research questions, mildly leading and strongly leading questions
  • Discover how to use inherent logic and clean questions to build specific models
  • Get practice in interviewing one another cleanly – taped and available for you to transcribe for your reflection after the training
  • Learn some of the principles of Clean Interviewing

Day 2: Practical Applications for Clean Interviewing

  • Understand your purpose for Clean Interviewing and how to frame your research or interview questions from the start.
  • Learn how to be an “equal opportunity employer” of information – taking on the interviewee’s information in the form that they are experiencing it: as pictures, feelings, metaphors etc.
  • Discover further principles of Clean Interviewing and how they differ from those of Clean Modelling
  • Practise summarising your interviewee’s contribution cleanly through the session and allowing them to reflect on their information in-the-moment
  • Receive coaching on your Clean Interview Skills in-the-moment

Day 3: Practice with observation and feedback

Why train with us?

We have over 15 years experience of conducting completely clean, as well as clean-ish interviews in a broad range of sectors including:

  • Police video interviewing
  • Gathering stakeholder interviews to inform culture change projects
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment centres
  • Academic research
  • Focus groups
  • Mediation
  • Critical incidents
  • Partnership working - interviews for individuals and across diverse groups

Additional information

Upcoming events

We're sorry - we don't have any events scheduled at the moment. If you have a small group (6 or more people) who are interested, we may be able to run the event in your area. Please contact us.

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