Clean in Business

This is an off-the-peg series of trainings for teams who want to be able to apply Clean Language and Systemic Modelling between themselves and across their organisation to improve collaboration, communication and performance.

What's involved?

During these trainings, individuals and teams are encouraged to develop personal metaphors for how they: work at their best, organise time, get into tempers, make decisions, learn new skills easily. While they undertake this individual development in a small group, they're learning not only about themselves but are coming to understand, in depth, the models and strategies of their colleagues, leading to group level learning and emergent knowledge.

The training is tiered as follows:

Introduction to Clean in Business 

2 half days in groups of up to nine individuals

Foundation in using Clean in Business 

3 days

Level 1 Practitioner of Clean in Business

Minimum of six days training

Level 2 Practitioner of Clean in Business

20 days of training over 9-18 months

Undertaking training at Levels 1 or 2 allows a team to apply their clean skills in the moment to live issues, meetings and conflicts. Your team will develop the capability and confidence to deal with issues at source and to turn conflict into learning and action.

We also provide observation and assessment for Clean in Business at Levels 1 and 2 and, with some additional written work, delegates can undertake an ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) qualification in Coaching and Mentoring in Management at Level 3 or 5 . 

What participants say

"Having recently undertaken a coaching course and learning the importance of asking 'open questions' and drilling down to identify the underlying issues, I quickly saw the positive impact that Clean Language has. It is as beneficial in team groups to ensure their engagement and ownership of projects/actions. I would highly recommend Caitlin and Marian for their skills, knowledge and expertise in facilitating Clean Language workshops for your business. "
Angela Mays HR Manager, Fasset Limited.

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