Clean for Teams Experiential Workshop

April 16-17 in Boston, Clean for Teams is an experiential two day training workshop in which you will learn Caitlin Walker's powerful Clean Language based techniques. Honed by her and others over the past two decades in dozens of organizations and groups across the UK, these techniques bring about lasting, fundamental shifts in team and group communication.

Who's it for?

This workshop/training event is ideal for managers, coaches and anyone else working in groups who wants to help improve their team’s communication. Professions that have benefited from learning these techniques are shared in the book and include coaches, software development teams, students, managers, teachers, social and youth workers, nurses, HR staff, police, and executive teams. The course is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to continue on to become a Clean for Teams facilitator, enrolling in additional in-depth courses where you will practice the facilitation yourself. For more on what Clean for Teams is, read ‘From Contempt to Curiosity, Creating the Conditions for Teams to Collaborate’, by Caitlin Walker. 

What will I gain?

In this workshop, you’ll learn, among others, how to set yourself up to be in a good learning state, and what adjustments you might need to make to help others stay in their good learning state. As you learn in the group to become exquisite listeners and observers, you will notice patterns that emerge that are both useful, and some that may challenge your values. You’ll gain ideas for facilitating others and be able to put the basic patterns into practice very quickly.

Additional information

Caitlin Walker, from Training Attention, Ltd will be visiting from the UK to facilitate the course herself and Andrea Chiou, from Connections At Work, LLC in Virginia will assist her.

Upcoming events

We're sorry - we don't have any events scheduled at the moment. If you have a small group (6 or more people) who are interested, we may be able to run the event in your area. Please contact us.

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