Clean Coaching

Clean Coaching allows you to clarify your thinking on any issue, large or small. Access your own inner resources and be prepared for profound insights and deep sustainable change.

Who's it for?

Clean Coaching is for you if you:

  • have an important issue to resolve or outcome to achieve
  • want a reliable way to clarify your own thinking and tap into your own inner resources that doesn’t involve being told what to do or being given advice
  • are an independent thinker and like to do things your own way

What will I gain?

You will gain...

  • a much clearer understanding of what you want and what needs to happen for you to achieve your goals
  • access to your own inner resources
  • knowledge of your own patterns and how they are impacting your life

What's involved?

Clean Coaching is uniquely tailored to your own situation. A powerful and profoundly respectful process, it’s designed to support you to clarify your own thinking and to resolve for yourself any challenges you face. We believe everyone has inner strengths and resources which often go untapped - and our job is to help you to discover those resources and find your own unique solutions.

While we all share the language we use to express ourselves, the true meaning of the words you choose, and especially the metaphors you use, is unique to you. So we play them back to them – selectively and intelligently – weaving them into questions that help you to get to grips with your own patterns and ways of perceiving things and how this affects the way you are in the world. We build upon that awareness to promote a greater clarity about your desired outcomes and to place challenges and problems in context, enabling you to overcome them en route to your goals.

The ‘clean’ part of clean coaching refers to our aim to minimise any contamination of your thought processes with our own interpretations, suggestions, advice, judgments, opinions, models, etc. To achieve this, we discipline ourselves to use only your words, together with David Grove’s Clean Language questions. You will feel heard, understood, and respected and you’ll begin to trust yourself and your own inner wisdom.

What happens in a Clean Coaching session?

  • We have several coaches in the UK and you can choose to work face-to-face, on the phone or on Skype. 
  • Your session will begin with helping you to define and clarify your desired outcome(s). Clean coaching sessions generally begin with the question, “What would you like to have happen?”
  • Next, we will help you to create a ‘model’ of what you want and of the whole system (the relationships, problems, barriers, etc.) that your desired outcome is part of.
  • As your goals become clearer, we will help you to pay attention to everything that will need to change in order to achieve what you want and for that to be sustainable. Clean coaching is designed to encourage the conditions needed for those changes to happen.
  • All of this generally results in change towards your outcome, and in many cases that change is profound and sustainable.

A clean coaching session lasts around 90 minutes and, unlike other coaching processes where you are encouraged to sign up for a minimum number of sessions, clean coaching puts you in control of how many sessions you have. Many people find that a single session solves their immediate need, while others want a few more, especially if they are working on an important outcome or with an issue they've lived with for a long time. We have worked with many individuals and couples on a wide range of different issues, and can help you to:

  • Find a new direction in life or work
  • Resolve conflict
  • Improve your self-esteem and be more assertive
  • Be more confident in meetings, interviews, presentations
  • Reach health-related goals such as better sleep, weight loss, pain management
  • Overcome fears, such as fear of flying, fear of failure
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Create new products
  • Prioritise and make decisions
  • Improve your performance at work
  • Learn more about the things that you do really well, and build on that knowledge

Clean Coaching gives you more:

  • Self-reliance: learn to resolve your own problems your way
  • Knowledge about what you want and what needs to happen for you to get it
  • Familiarity with you own patterns and ways of perceiving things
  • Access to information about yourself that is normally held at an unconscious level
  • Motivation to take action
  • Results that will have a lasting effect and impact on you and those around you

The benefits of the knowledge you will gain in even one session are likely to reach far beyond the issue in question and will flow into all areas of your personal and professional life. 

Frequently asked questions

How many clean coaching sessions will I need?

At Clean Learning we encourage our clients to decide for themselves how many sessions they need, as they go along.  We work from the premise that everyone is different and that what works for one person may not work for another - including the number of sessions you need and how often. 

More detail

How soon can I start my coaching?

It depends on our schedules. If we're away training or working on a project it may be a week or two before you can start your coaching sessions. But we may be able to fit you in within a few days. So please contact us to find out our availability.

What participants say

"I've worked with Marian on a number of major issues, including my weight, my life path and my future direction. Through her expert use of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling I have made dramatic and lasting changes, which have affected my life and wellbeing in general, and the presenting issues specifically. Marian has a keen ear and really listens well to what I say. She has a remarkable ability to uncover patterns that get in the way of me moving forward. I have complete trust in the non-directive and gentle way she has enabled me to uncover my landscape. I highly recommend her as a facilitator of change and will continue to work with her whenever I need to."
Christina Bachini

"A fantastic resolution occured around my work with metaphor. It seemed to evolve around the work I have done with you so far. In short, I had a stuck moment and then into my awareness came a metaphor to resolve the issue. I was able to move the metaphor forward and develop the picture in order to resolve the stucknessof the situation. It was great!!! To work in this format exclusively has been such a wonderful release and a journey of discovery."

"My coaching with Marian was very effective. I was intrigued and amused by the metaphors that I was attaching to things."
Lizz Clarke MD, Logical Creative Marketing (LCM)

"I visited Marian because of an emotional problem I had that was affecting my marriage. I found Marian very understanding - we very quickly got to the source of my issues and I discovered ways of controlling and understanding the problem I have. I have found Marian's help invaluable."

"Alison Blackler’s coaching involving the use of Clean Language has helped me totally reframe my life and understand my emotions. She has helped me let go of past negative emotions and plan and create a wonderful new future for myself full of positivity and free from self-limiting beliefs. If you want help to really find out what you want from life, and then get a strategy in place for how to get it – you need to see Alison .. pure and simple! This is all about a higher learning of self – which I find incredibly interesting and totally freeing …”"

"Marian and I worked together over a number of weeks, and I addressed a couple of significant issues that I had been challenged by for a number of years. I had worked with a therapist on these too, and while that had helped a great deal, the work with Marian shifted my thinking and behaviour significantly. Marian, and her work, is gentle and incredibly powerful. She is a pleasure to work with and I rate her and Clean Language highly."
Gillian McCready Executive Coach and Business Consultant

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If you are interested in Clean Coaching, please contact us.

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