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Systemic Modelling Master Class

We have three levels of certification in Systemic Modelling:

  • Foundation (was Level 0) which means people can consistently create a network of attention. 
  • Professional Level (was Level 1) which means people can use the models to support a group to learn about themselves and one another, to unpack drama and increase ways of learning together at a group level.
  • Master Level (was Level 2) which means that people can deliver the models while also detecting patterns, know how to stimulate the group to highlight differences and to provoke drama and to support the group to develop the confidence to address drama directly when on their own.

Caitlin is putting on the first taster of a training at Master Level for Systemic Modelling - the level where you can deliver Systemic Modelling live, facilitate Clean for Teams and provoke the group to self-model.

The first aim of this workshop is to clarify for Systemic Modelling trainees and practitioners the difference between stimulating the system and then bringing in a model to better understand what just happened vs introducing a model and asking the group to find an experience that matches the model.

Second is to support you all as a training group to make that distinction and to err towards stimulation over teaching and to be able to stimulate your way into an agenda and to play live in the moment with what has come up

Third is to test whether trainees would like to come together and follow a master level training. This would be available to those coming close to completing their Professional Level as well as those who've already completed that assessment.

This workshop is a provocation and an opportunity for those of you using this work live to bring in 'what ifs' and 'how would it work in this situation?' and 'Is this the same or different as.....' etc. 

The event will be recorded and if you cannot make the date/time then you can watch the video and discuss it with peers at the Clean Campus or Peer Support groups.

Upcoming events

Systemic Modelling Masterclass

  • December 17th 2021, 1pm to 2:45pm GMT
  • Online via Zoom
  • With Caitlin Walker PhD

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