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It is twenty-five years since Penny Tompkins and James Lawley first saw remarkable therapist David Grove demonstrate Clean Language and his unique way of working with metaphor. Penny and James’s intensive study of David led to Symbolic Modelling, a method now used throughout the world in therapy, coaching, education, health, research and many other applications.

Facilitating cleanly is a craft and like all crafts there are ‘hidden’ skills that turn a technique into an art form. These series of online workshops explore what happens below the surface, behind the scenes, and inside the mind-body of some of the most experienced clean facilitators on the planet. Join us to find out how Penny and James:

  • Model symbolically
  • Decide what to pay attention to and what to ignore
  • Relate to the client, their inner world and themselves cleanly
  • Get exceptional results even though they are using the same questions as a beginner

There are now two InsideClean series available:

Series 1: How do I know what question to ask?

Series 1 was recorded during 2019 and is now available here for you to watch and learn from at your own pace.

Series 2: The Structure of Desire

This invaluable material for mastering the craft of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling includes four 90-minute workshops:

1. Outcomes: The desire to create - recording available
2. Remedies: The desire to heal - recording available
3. Problems: What are they good for? - recording available
4. Resources: Making use of what you have - join us live on Oct 5, 2020

Each module includes a workshop and a pre-workshop activity to get you in the frame of mind – and lots of post-workshop resources.

Sign up and you will also get access to special bonus material not available elsewhere.


Although our PRO (Problem-Remedy-Outcome) model is at the core of facilitating with Symbolic Modelling, it (along with Resources) represents only a tiny fraction of our thinking about these fundamental aspects of being human. During the 2020 series we unveil much more.

Upcoming events

InsideClean: Series 2 - The Structure of Desire

  • Always available
  • Online course
  • With James Lawley , Penny Tompkins , Marian Way

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