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Curiouser & Curiouser

It can sometimes feel as if our personal ‘stuff’ is getting in the way of our professional development. The concepts may seem understandable and the skills learnable but working ‘in-the-wild’ may trigger old hang-ups from the past… Or you might manage to use the tools perfectly well ‘out in the wild’ but fall to pieces when working in front of peers or assessors. With many of us currently working on our own, you might need to get comfortable with putting yourself out there at a time when you’re feeling most vulnerable…

Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a supportive, safe, fun and structured personal development programme to accompany your professional journey. This is a space to explore, understand and help to heal traumas or barriers that are impeding your progress.

This will be a mixture of coaching, therapy and peer practice. The themes for the course will be emergent from the group. Please come having considered what you’d like to have happen personally and how you hope that will impact you professionally.

Who is it for?

This programme is for you if you are studying Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space or Emergent Knowledge or you are using these tools as part of your practice - and if you know you have 'blocks' (as above) that stop you from being at your best.

Maximum participants for this event is 6; minimum is 4

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