Use clean with groups

Clean Language was developed as a therapeutic tool by clinical psychologist, David Grove. And it wasn't long before Caitlin Walker came across it and recognised its potential for much wide application - including with groups, small and large in all kinds of sectors. We now offer a full programme of training in Systemic Modelling, the name Caitlin has given to this work. Join us for Clean for Teams to sample the experience and then dive into our Rolling Programme to gain the skills you need to facilitate this process yourself.

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A-Z of Clean

A series of 1-hour conversations during which we'll explore key terms used in Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.

  • 1-hour workshop
  • For students of Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space & Emergent Knowledge

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Use clean with groups

Clean For Teams

Gain a personal experience of Systemic Modelling - a new way to learn about yourself and others in groups. Find out how to move away from contempt and towards curiosity and collaboration.

  • 2 days or 4 x 3.5-hour sessions
  • Entry level workshop
  • Pre-requisite for our Systemic Modelling Rolling Programme

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Monday to Thursday, 6, 7, 8 and 9 June 2022, 1pm to 4:30pm BST

Use clean with groups

Systemic Modelling Rolling Programme (Foundation & Professional)

Gain a complete framework and an abundant toolbox for encouraging teams to move from contempt towards curiosity and collaboration.

  • Learn how to use clean with groups
  • Rolling programme with ongoing modules (each is 3 days or 5 shorter sessions)
  • Leads to Foundation and then Professional Level certifications
  • Clean for Teams is a pre-requisite

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Monday 11 - Friday 15 July 2022, 08:30am-12 noon BST

Use clean with groups

Inside Story for Systemic Modelling Trainees

A series of four 90-minute webinars following a consultancy process from start to finish, to learn and develop systemic modelling and clean interviewing skills.

  • A series of four 90-minute webinars
  • Use clean with groups
  • Following a live project happening 'in the wild'

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