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Every so often, we run very special clean events, where the emphasis shifts from learning how to use Clean Language with other people and focuses more on your own personal development. Our Personal Journey event is pure personal development, whereas at Adventures in Clean and Northern Taste you can mix and match personal and professional development. You will also meet other interesting people, eat delicious food and generally have a wonderful and memorable time.

Special event

Adventures in Clean

A multi-level clean experience, with six of the world’s leading clean practitioners. Work on your own personal development or focus on learning more about clean modelling - a fantastic Clean Learning opportunity.

  • 3-day event (spread over 4 days)
  • Gain personal and professional development
  • Beginners & experienced practitioners welcome

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11 June - 14 June 2021

Special event
Your journey to coaching

Conversations with Caitlin: Your journey to coaching

Join this 'Conversation with Caitlin' where she will be thinking about her journey to becoming an established clean coach and we will be inviting you to reflect on your own journey and consider what you’d like to have happen next.

  • 90-minute workshop
  • Professional development
  • Pay-what-you-want event

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Fri, 6 November 2020 10-11:30am GMT

Get personal development

Personal Journey

Join us for a weekend of intensive coaching in a small group environment to help you break through old patterns or take a giant step towards a goal.

  • 2 days - usually over a weekend
  • Explore a topic of your choice in depth

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