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Some of our events are designed just for you. They are not about gaining additional skills to help others, but about paying attention to your own inner world, delighting in your own metaphors, developing new insights and using your new inner knowledge to take steps towards your own desired outcomes... You can also gain these benefits from one-to-one coaching, which you can learn more about here.

Use clean with individuals

Inner Child Workshop

Learn a versatile skill that can be used with individuals and groups in any context where you want to obtain high quality information without influencing people’s responses.

  • 1-hour set-up webinar, followed a week later by a 3-day workshop
  • Limited to 9 attendees
  • Attend primarily as a client or primarily as a learner

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Tuesday 23 November, 1pm until Friday 26 November, 12:30pm

Use Clean with Individuals

Between the Lines of Clean Coaching

Join a small group of six coaches for a six-week programme of study. Each coach will enjoy one clean coaching session with Marian which will be observed by the other five - i.e. each week it will be a different person's turn to be the client.

  • 6 x 2.5-hour online sessions with practice between
  • Includes one personal development coaching session
  • Learn the nuances of Symbolic Modelling with live examples

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Get personal development

Supervision Group

Work with us in a group to plan your upcoming projects and unpack what's happening in your current projects.

  • Plan for your upcoming projects.
  • Unpack issues from your current projects.
  • Gain experience with other people who are taking this work out into the wild.
  • Begin to form strong peer supervision groups and develop partnerships for co-delivery.

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Get Personal Development

Curiouser & Curiouser

A group process for supporting your personal development so that you can further your professional development and address any issues that may be ‘holding you back’.

  • 6 x 2.5 hour sessions spread over 2 months
  • Online via Zoom
  • For all students of Symbolic Modelling, Systemic Modelling, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge

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Special event

Adventures in Clean

A multi-level clean experience, with six of the world’s leading clean practitioners. Work on your own personal development or focus on learning more about clean modelling - a fantastic Clean Learning opportunity.

  • 3-day event (spread over 4 days)
  • Gain personal and professional development
  • Beginners & experienced practitioners welcome

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Get personal development

Personal Journey

Join us for a weekend of intensive coaching in a small group environment to help you break through old patterns or take a giant step towards a goal.

  • 2 days - usually over a weekend
  • Explore a topic of your choice in depth

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