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Systemic Modelling TripAdvisor Review


Nick Simmonds recently attended a Systemic Modelling Professional workshop. Here's his Trip Advisor style review on the course...

I’m a big fan of Trip Advisor. I love that consumers can inform other potential consumers of their experience, good or bad, to help them be more informed in their decisions. When I find myself in a town I haven’t visited before, Trip Advisor is my first point of reference for my choices.

So allow me to review the Systemic Modelling Level workshop for you.

“Excellent training –superb experience” 5 Stars *****

If you’ve done some training with Clean Learning the plan for the day looks reassuringly familiar – What would you like to know before we begin? Clean Set Up, 5 Senses, Working at your best, etc. They are all there. But these are really like the restaurant set up. There’s tables and chairs, cutlery crockery and glassware set out, but the content and focus of the workshop is in how we deliver it. That’s the food and drink we choose. Learning from Caitlin, distilled by Marian, into easily digestible steps to follow, what are the ingredients that we need to put together to produce effective workshops and results for our clients?

And what I learnt is that there are lots of elements that go into this work. It’s subtle work, delivered with a light touch, from a facilitator who is able to focus their participants' attention where it needs to be. There was lots of time and opportunity for practice and reflection. The feedback from Caitlin, Marian and my fellow participants was evidence based, delivered for my benefit and learning, and allowed me to see what I needed to do to produce the results I wanted.

It’s very important to me to connect with others on the same path, for collaboration, for potential partnership and for support. The participants were terrific fellow explorers on the journey who kept a focus on the destination, ensuring that the group all arrived as they needed to. Of course, that’s what Systemic Modelling is all about, so it shouldn’t be a surprise, but it was a lovely experience.

One of my learnings from this course is that: There are no rules, only guidelines. This absence of the expert position allows me the sense of freedom to choose my way of being a facilitator and taking the learning from others who have spent years developing expertise and who are generous enough to share it without telling me how I should or shouldn’t do it.

I had been looking forward to taking this particular workshop for some time, and having completed it, I am now energised and excited as I embark on taking this work out into the world.

About Nick Simmonds

Nick Simmonds has been a coach for nearly 20 years and came to Clean Language when a friend of his invited him to a workshop run by Caitlin Walker. He now incorporates what he has learnt on numerous clean trainings into his work as a Conscious Communication Coach. Working with Caroline Williams, who he met on a Systemic Modelling course, they work with teams to increase clarity, collaboration and creativity. More at consciouscommunication.co.uk

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