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Spot the metaphor!


Here’s a short clip of Steve Jobs talking about life. As you listen, make a note of the metaphors he uses.

These are the most obvious metaphors I heard in the clip:

  1. live inside the world
  2. try not to bash into the walls too much
  3. limited life
  4. life can be broader
  5. build your own things
  6. poke life
  7. if you push, something will pop out
  8. you can mould it
  9. shake off this erroneous notion
  10. embrace it
  11. make your mark on it
  12. it’s messed up

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

About Marian Way

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A highly skilled facilitator and trainer, Marian, who founded Clean Learning in 2001, has developed and delivered training across the world. She is the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches, co-author, with James Lawley, of Insights in Space and co-author, with Caitlin Walker, of So you want to be… #DramaFree.

Marian is an expert Clean facilitator, an adept modeller, a programme writer and an inspirational trainer. She has a natural ability to model existing structures, find the connections between them and design new ways for people to learn. Marian was a leading innovator within the Weight Watchers organisation, which included developing the “points” strategy, a local idea that went on to become a global innovation. She is a director of both Clean Learning and Training Attention CIC, world leaders in clean applications for corporate, educational and community development. She designs our programmes and workbooks, leads workshops and teaches on all our courses. She’s trained people in Great Britain, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Japan and the USA. Marian is also a recognised Clean Assessor.

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