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Less is More in Business


Last year my coaching business, Genius Within, was growing and I had more and more associates working for us, delivering to a wide range of clients. I was still delivering face-to-face services as well as managing the business and this meant I was very busy, to the extent where I completely forgot a key meeting with a large corporate company. How embarrassing! I realised I needed to take some time to reflect, and to learn from this mistake. I was also feeling that work was taking so much of my time that my 6-year-old twins weren’t getting enough attention and I was missing time with my family and friends.

I booked a session with Marian Way to explore time management. I also looked at my company figures and realised that I didn’t have much wiggle room. If I didn’t deliver work personally, and decided to subcontract it all, I would barely scrape enough to cover costs.

During the session Marian and I explored the theme of doing less to do more. My heart was telling me that I would have to pull back from delivering coaching sessions in order to manage. I wasn’t doing my best in either role as I felt split in too many directions. My head was full of worry - what if you do that and then can’t pay yourself? How can you make sure that all of the different services are delivered effectively by others?

By the end of the coaching session I had made the decision to cease delivery and focus on business management. I felt sure that this was the best way to manage my time.

Strangely, that day, I also dropped my smart phone in a puddle and it broke. Since it was so close to Christmas and I didn’t have time to replace it, I just popped my SIM card in an old Nokia that I’d had hanging around, but that didn’t have email or internet. Well. What a difference that made to work / life balance! All of a sudden I found myself focusing on the present - if I was with my family I wasn’t being continually distracted by emails and work. This enabled me to ‘switch off’ from work properly and enjoy social time.

Over the next few months, strange things started to happen with the business - we kept getting more! Each month my business manager and I would say, “Well this month seems to be a fluke!” How many flukes can you have in a row? We have doubled in size and revenue since that coaching session with Marian and I can honestly say that I do less and achieve more!

Thank you Marian for supporting me in making that brave decision.

About Nancy Doyle

Nancy is a Chartered Psychologist with experience in developing coaching interventions at individual, group and organisational level. Her business, Genius Within, supports thousands of clients each year to improve their productivity at work through diagnosis, assessment and coaching of ‘neuro-diverse’ conditions, such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Nancy is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society belonging to both the Division of Occupational Psychology and the Special Group in Coaching Psychology. She also convenes the British Psychological Society’s working group on Dyslexia Dyspraxia, Dyslcalculia, AD(H)D and ASD in the Workplace, which looks specifically at how those conditions affect work performance. You can contact Nancy via http://www.geniuswithin.co.uk

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