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Less is More and What Happened Next


I attended Clean Learning’s "Less is More" training in March 2009. It was really amazing and I knew I wanted to do more, so I have booked all the other trainings and the Personal Journey weekend.

Immediately after Less is More I practiced Clean Language with my daughter who wanted to stop sucking her thumb, and although she has popped it in her mouth once she is now viewing herself as someone who doesn’t suck her thumb.

A couple of weeks later I attended the Clean Space training, and found I was able to put that into practice straight away, too…

  • I had a client who was torn between living here in the UK, moving to Canada or moving to Bristol. She worked through this situation with Clean Space and recognised by the end that she needed to find out how to be happy on her own. Then she’d be freer to decide where she wanted to live, rather than basing her decision on who she wanted to live near.
  • Another client had a personal issue that she’d battled with for 20 years. She knew what she had to do to overcome it but fear of disappointment was holding her back. I had coached this lady for a number of sessions, and it was only as a result of the Clean Space session that she made and kept a very crucial appointment to move forward something she has been putting off for almost 2 years.
  • I also did a Clean Space coaching session with 2 business partners who were looking for a way forward with their joint venture. The session was really powerful. They got so much out of both moving around the problem as they saw it and discussing things between them as they went. I asked the questions to one client at a time, and it worked really really well. I would definitely do this again with a couple who clearly have respect for each other and who want to gain clarity on how to move a joint issue forward. It could well be used for parents on how they feel about conflict with their teenagers, for example.

    The difference this process made, not only to the clients, but my confidence as a coach has been amazing, and I am really excited about playing around with these ideas.

During the last week, I have had three Clean Language sessions of my own.

First I attended the \, and, as always, was amazed at what can evolve even in a short 20-minute Clean session. The learning on the night about my own capabilities and skills was amazing. However the spring board of action that took place for me personally afterwards is just blowing me away. The session highlighted I did not want to go alone, so I have delegated the aspects of my business where I lack experience.

Later during the week, I did a practice session with Lizz Clarke, who was also on the Less is More training, and realised that I need more focus and clarity, along with a product that’s effective and makes a difference. Most recently I worked with Marian. I said I wanted to establish a strapline and a logo for the new service – but during the session I realised that the logo and business card are not that important but knowing who I am marketing to and why I am marketing is key to our success.

These three sessions have given me new found confidence, direction and drive to move forward and launch my ‘Mums and Daughters’ project. 

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

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